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Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories - functional shelves and modern toilet roll holders

Modern and functional bathroom accessories are essential for a clean, pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom at home. In addition to sufficient storage space for all kinds of hygiene accessories and a stylish toilet paper holder, other accessories ensure stylish perfection: from a noble soap dispenser with wall holder to a towel rack and a toilet brush or butler made of polished and matt stainless steel.

What accessories do you need for the bathroom?

The minimum basic equipment for the bathroom at home includes a toilet roll holder and brush, shelf and towel holder or wall hooks. You can achieve an inviting ambience by visually coordinating the bathroom accessories with each other; for example, by using only glass and stainless steel.

Bathroom accessories - which toilet roll holders are available?

Classic toilet roll holders are mounted on the wall. They are available with a single or double arm and some models are adjustable. Double-arm models are particularly suitable for households with several people where empty rolls constantly need to be replaced. With regard to the method of fastening, there are variants to be screwed together as well as those with an adhesive system. A toilet butler stands on its own without a fastening and offers space for a brush as well as toilet paper.

Bathroom accessories: Which toilet paper holder is the best?

Which toilet paper holder is the best depends on the space available. A toilet butler requires floor space and is therefore preferably suitable for larger bathrooms. Depending on the material, colour and design of the rest of the bathroom accessories, you can choose a suitable holder to stringently implement your style.

Storage space for bathroom accessories: What is important?

Storage space for bathroom accessories such as toothbrushes, combs and co. ensure order in the wellness oasis. Especially in small bathrooms, a well thought-out storage system makes a neat impression. A non-slip stand is important, even when wet. Some models have feet.

Bathroom accessories - which trays are suitable as storage surfaces for the bathroom?

Trays, for example from the SONO and ABENTO series, ensure that all accessories find their way back to their rightful place. Modern oval-shaped versions in timeless, discreet colours such as white, grey, brown, black or cream are currently in vogue. With wooden trays, you should regularly treat the surface with a wood oil to make it more resistant to moisture.

What should you look for when buying accessories for the bathroom?

When buying accessories for the bathroom, you should make sure to maintain a uniform style. Several different designs quickly make rooms look restless overall. For small rooms, you should rather go for light colour palettes, otherwise they will look dark and visually compressed. Modern, puristic shapes create a clear ambience through structure.

Bathroom accessories: our range

Our range includes functional yet aesthetically pleasing bathroom accessories - from toilet roll holders and towel rails to storage surfaces for soap and toothpaste.
The AREO series includes modern bathroom shelves made of clear or matt glass and wall holders made of polished or matt stainless steel. The shelf can also be mounted without drilling. With 76 x 24 centimetres, it offers sufficient space for all important hygiene articles, which are placed directly at the washbasin. The matching towel rails, toothbrush glass and wall hooks made of stainless steel are also part of the series.
The MENOTO series offers further towel rails, which are available individually or as a double set. You can choose between matt and polished stainless steel to match the rest of your bathroom furnishings.
The SONO series is discreet and puristic. It includes oval trays in numerous muted and classic colours to suit every taste: White, black, shades of grey, anthracite, cream, blue, ... They have a particularly pleasant soft-touch surface and a glazed interior that is easy to clean.
The 3-piece sets of the ARA series are available in stylish colours such as muted shades of the green and grey palette or taupe. They consist of a toothbrush tumbler, toilet brush and soap dispenser in a uniform design.

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