Water carafes and water jugs made of glass in various shapes and colours.

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Water Carafes

Water carafes and other carafes from blomus

A water carafe or water jug is perfect for presenting water or other drinks in a visually appealing way on the dining table. At blomus you will find a large selection of different carafes made of glass by well-known designers. Take a look around the shop, let yourself be inspired and find your very own personal water carafe.

What can you put in a water carafe?

Classically, you fill water or wine into a glass carafe to serve the drinks in style. For this purpose, wines are poured into special decanters that allow them to breathe. But a carafe also allows you to spice up the taste of the water a little. So-called infused water has enjoyed increasing popularity for several years.
To make your own infused water, add fruit, spices or vegetables to the water in the water jug for a varied taste. In addition to drinking water, all you need is fruit, vegetables or herbs to flavour the water very simply and without sugar.
The fruit is sliced and placed in a carafe with fresh or filtered water. Depending on the season, you can choose different seasonal fruits. Oranges are good in winter, strawberries in spring. Blueberries are great for summer, and apples add a wonderful flavour to your drinking water in autumn. For vegetables, cucumbers are particularly suitable, but carrots are also great. Fresh herbs such as rosemary, mint or thyme give the water an additional aroma. The possible combinations are limitless, and with a glass water carafe you have the ideal vessel for this.

What types of carafes are available at blomus?

In the blomus shop you will find a variety of carafes that differ in design and colour and have different features. You are sure to find a water carafe that suits your wishes and fits perfectly with your style and furnishings. Our range includes the following carafes, among others:

What do you need a good water carafe for?

A glass carafe is not only extremely practical. It is also pretty to look at and its chic design makes drinking more fun. A modern water carafe is more than just a simple glass water jug and often has practical functions: Thanks to the lid, integrated strainer, aroma function and even cooling device, the carafe conjures up tasty refreshing drinks from tap water without much effort.
The quality of German tap water is exceptionally high, which is why water from a domestic tap can be drunk without any problems. This is why many people now draw their drinking water from the tap at home with a clear conscience. It is probably due to this circumstance that a water carafe or a water jug can now be found in most households. In the meantime, it has also become widely known how healthy regular drinking is. This has changed the drinking behaviour of Germans in recent years. To prevent the negative effects of dehydration, people should drink two to three litres of water a day. A water jug with a glass next to it, which is always available on the table, helps to maintain this stint through its presence.

What should be the capacity of the carafe?

When it comes to water carafes, size is a decisive factor, alongside design, that you should consider when making your purchase decision. Depending on how, when and where the vessel is to be used, different filling volumes can offer advantages.
Most water carafes can hold one litre of liquid. This moderate size means that the practical glass vessels can fit almost anywhere and are used in many households and offices. The carafe is simply filled up in the morning and refilled during the lunch break, providing employees with the required amount of liquid throughout the day. But carafes with smaller fill volumes such as 0.5 litres are also available in our shop and provide a little refreshment in between. For large families or a great thirst, there are also carafes that hold 1.5 litres or even 2 litres. Intermediate sizes of 0.75 litres or 1.3 litres round off the rich assortment from blomus.

How do you clean a water carafe?

If the water carafe is not dishwasher-safe, you can make use of various useful aids to ensure simple and effective cleaning. For example, you can use specially shaped brushes or sponges to make cleaning easier. They can be easily inserted into the narrow necks of carafes. This way, they even reach the bottom of the carafe, which is usually difficult to clean as well.

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