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The simple, highly functional, no-nonsense design of the Sablo tableware range by designer Frederike Martens has already proved a hit, and the young blomus classic has now arrived in two brand new colours that will be sure to light up your everyday table setting.

A warm, summery mustard and a light grey with a tint of blue allow for perfect colour permutations, for a slightly younger and bolder look than the elegant, monochrome version of the original. That said, the delicate interplay between the glazed and the unglazed clay remains the same, and as always, every item has its own unique personality owing to the subtle variations in colour. A blushed rose resulting from the firing of the clay is a natural consequence of the production method, as well as the designer’s discreet homage to the perfectly imperfect – a guiding principle of the Japanese design aesthetic known as wabi-sabi. This gives Sablo a distinctly crafty feel and will make you treasure your plate, cup or bowl just a little more, simply because every item is a true one-off.



-SABLO- Series


With its slender silhouette, understated colours and softly curved details, the new Maxime cutlery set designed by Theresa Rand is an unmistakably feminine interpretation of a tableware classic, created with the humble ambition to please the eye as well as stand the test of daily use.

Although designed to match the blomus Ro porcelain series, also by Theresa Rand, Maxime goes easily with a wide range of tableware designs, as the light and dark version allow for multiple combinations. Thanks to the tactile resin handles, the pieces sit comfortably in the hand. However, the designer’s intention was also to create a beautiful counterweight to the top part made in classical stainless steel.

And voilà – here she is: Maxime!


New Collection




With ten years in the business, Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider – the names behind German design studio kaschkasch – are widely known for collaborations with some of the leading contemporary design brands in the European industry.

Their latest project for blomus is the classic Ilo set for the home bar, consisting of all the tools you need to serve wine – a corkscrew, a bottle stop, a bottle opener and a pourer – all taking their design inspiration from Japanese wooden crafts and with a strong focus on the tactile qualities of the shapes and materials. The set, presented in an elegant gift box, is available in two timeless colours: an anthracite gray and a light beige named moonbeam.




-FUUM- Series


The smooth and well-proportioned silhouettes of the Flow series by German designer Theresa Rand for blomus are the result of a tireless quest to find the ideal form and to playfully challenge the balance of an object such as the archetypical drinking glass.

The small, slightly heavier-than-usual base for the carefully rounded shape of the body of the glass is carried through in the design of the matching carafe. Launched in 2020, the series was an instant success. This season, the young blomus classic will relaunch in a coffee-coloured soft brown that sits well – making for a stylish colour mix – with the existing collection in dark smoke, and looks equally chic when teamed with the tableware series Ro, which was created along the same principles of balance and grace.



New collection




Sturdy, comfortable and easy to use. What more could you possibly ask of a stool in your kitchen or a bench in your hallway? The new Eli collection is Theresa Rand’s furniture debut for blomus, yet the designer seems to be right in her element.

The European produced series is crafted in solid oak and comprises a bench, a bar stool, a footstool and a classic stool that will effectively double as a side table – all designed to be easily transportable within the home and to suit multiple uses. The robust-looking shapes with rounded edges are purposely designed and to ensure your new favourite furniture will last a lifetime.




-ASHI- Series

With the new Ashi fireplace tool set, the German design duo kaschkasch have proved yet again that even the most mundane everyday object can be clever, elegant, and deserving of daily appreciation.

The shape of Ashi is inspired by the swaying reeds that grow in abundance in shallow water; the handle has a similar contour, and the stick resembles the strong, hollow stems that have been used for centuries as a material for the production of baskets.

As a practical feature, the wooden handles have a built-in magnet that holds the cutlery securely on the stand when not in use, and makes the complete tool set a decorative item in your living room. Ashi is available in two styles – with a blackened oak wood handle or a brown oak wood handle.


New Collection




In ancient Greek and Rome, marble was chosen for its strength as well as for its beauty, and the white and off-white versions of the precious stone was used to construct a variety of structures, from hand-held sculptures to massive pillars. To this day, marble still holds a special place in art and architecture, and it is greatly valued for its timeless elegance, its durability and for all the little natural variations in colour that makes the individual marble object stand out as something truly unique.





The material of choice for grand architecture and historic sculptures as well as for those humble objects we use every day, marble has a privileged place in design history on account of its exceptional beauty as well as its unique strength and durability.

This inimitable, classic stone was the starting point for the new Lamura bathroom collection by German designer Nina Thöming, but adding to some of the items a dash of something new, more industrial and less historic – in the shape of discreet details in brushed steel – was the true stroke of genius.

Among the products in the series is a mirror encased in a slim steel holder that is set in a solid marble base, which sits beautifully with the other simple marble accessories such as the soap tray and toothbrush holder, making for a clean and contemporary look. The entire range comes in a soft beige-coloured stone with discreet light-brown veins running through it, which makes the material come to life and stand out – oozing forth that touch of magic, just as it has always done.


New Collection




All winter we dream of that moment when we can open the windows and doors and let in the crisp summer breeze. When fruit and vegetables taste of sunshine and love, and the sky is blue all day long. When lazy hot days at the beach await us and life, in general, moves outside with dinners in the garden, drinks by the pool and picnics in the park, all longed-for social staples.

When summer arrives, so does the need to create that perfect setting for gathering with your friends and family. Sprucing up your space – whether it is a balcony, patio, rooftop or garden – is essential for creating that cosy atmosphere we have been yearning for all winter long. With this in mind, we are delighted to present the perfect selection of the best outdoor furniture, lighting and accessories to transform your garden, balcony or outdoor space into the ultimate summer sanctuary – now and for many summers to come.




With endless possibilities

Whether with individual seater sections or as a complete sofa combination, the GROW range transforms your terrace, balcony or garden into a private lounge. To create this relaxation area you won’t need a trucking company or specialised assembly staff. Each individual unit comes in a parcel-sized box.

Each sofa unit gains additional stability by adding a custom fitting floor plate with case legs, also preventing soil wetness on the underside of the sofa. Simply slip the floor plate into the pouch and attach the case legs from the outside. Using furniture connectors you can easily join the sofa elements together to create a complete sofa combination.

To join the units together the matching floor plate and a set of furniture connectors per element are needed.

New Collection



Bold, modern and made by expert hands. The new glass collection designed by German Frederike Martens for blomus strays far from the mass-produced mainstream: every item is mouth blown by experienced artisans which guarantees a beautiful finish and creates subtle variations in thickness and colour, making every glass an exquisite piece of uniquely crafted pleasure.

The coloured glass body, which comes in a smoky grey or soft brown, is held high by a clear stem, and the softly sculpted silhouette makes these glasses – for wine, champagne, cocktails or water – an obvious choice for the impeccable table setting as well as for the home bar. The matching carafe with its neat glass lid is made with the same attention to detail: tall, elegant and with softly rounded edges. And if that does not sway you, the fluted champagne glasses surely will.

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