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What is a home? While the dictionary definition may be straightforward and simple, to most people the meaning is intriguingly more complex. Home is not solely about the physicality of a building, space or structure; rather, it represents an emotional sentiment. Home can be the arms of the person you feel closest to, or it can be a community that includes you when you most need it. Home can be the intangible feeling you get in a certain space; a distinct sense of peace and belonging, or a natural inclination to just sit down and ’be’. But even though home may not always be easy to define in just a few words, one thing is certain: you always know it when you find it.

We are fortunate to be let into homes all over the globe, and no matter the type, location or space, our aim is to contribute positively to that special sense of safety and ease, tranquillity and wellbeing. The blomus DNA is all about simple living and easyto- use design that you will want to keep close to and never let go of. We are conscious of the fact that being part of people’s physical surroundings day in and day out comes with a sense of great responsibility.

This season, we are stepping into a brand-new terrain: furniture design. We are happy to be able to launch three new series of chairs, sofas and pouffes that will work as harmonious ensembles in the living room or lounge, or as significant stand-alone pieces in the bedroom, kitchen or hall. And as with any blomus item, these new pieces of furniture are the end result of a lengthy creative process and endless conversations about function, aesthetics and style, along with a relentless effort to get a shape, a material or a seemingly insignificant detail just right. Because it matters who and what you invite into your private world – after all, to most people, home is not just a space. It’s a feeling.

Spring / Summer collection 2023

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66936 New


Coffee table -GOBA- Colour Oak Size M

€ 699,00



Vase -DROP- Coffee Ø 19 cm

€ 84,95

66930 New


Side table -ORU- Colour Black Size M Ø 50cm

€ 229,00

66222 New


Mobile LED floor lamp -FAROL FLOOR- Colour Burned Metal

€ 199,00

kumi table top series



Japan has an exceptionally long and successful history of producing ceramics, and this proud heritage is visibly present in the new tableware series by blomus, named Kumi. Comprising a total of 18 matching pieces, the range includes traditional Japanese items, such as the small bowl and jug for soy sauce, as well as the characteristic tea mug with no handle, but there are of course also European classics such as the coffee- and espresso cup plus saucer – making Kumi as versatile as it is beautiful.

The exceptional softness of the ceramic items results from a special technique – so-called reactive glazing – which often causes small irregularities, giving each item its own unique personality. True to the Japanese philosophy of wabi sabi, according to which beauty is found only in the imperfect, these pretty little marks are considered traits of personality rather than flaws. The same goes for the inevitable scratches and other marks of use that will appear over time on the delicately glazed surface as you enjoy the plates, bowls and other ceramic items and include them in your daily life.

Kumi, which takes its name from the Japanese word for eternal beauty, was created by the blomus design team. It is available in two colours: a soft, gentle Fungi and a dark, powerful Espresso-brown.


Spring / Summer collection 2023

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64412 New


Dessert plate -KUMI- Colour Espresso

€ 13,95

64417 New


Bowl -KUMI- Colour Espresso Size L

€ 19,95

64426 New


Teapot -KUMI- Colour Espresso

€ 59,95

64425 New


Set of 2 coffee cups -KUMI- Colour Espresso

€ 29,95

Spring / Summer collection 2023


4 Pillows on a bed



It is bouclé’s unique weaving process that gives this luxurious textile its stylish and sophisticated aesthetic. Its rich history is rooted in Europe; bouclé is derived from the French word boucler, meaning to curl. It refers both to the yarn, which is made from a series of variously sized looped fibres, and to the textured fabric woven with the yarn, which has a curly, knotted finish and is exceptionally soft. Bouclé was widely used as upholstery in mid-century modern furniture design and in European high fashion; indeed, Coco Chanel included the fabric in her couture collections. Now the elegant textile is enjoying a well-deserved renaissance, and your home is next.

The new range of OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified bouclé cushions by blomus is designed to bring cosy texture, warmth and softness to your interior, be it as a splash of colour on your sofa or lounge chair or as a decorative element in your bedroom where the visual texture of the fabric will add to the overall softness of the space. No matter the use, the classic fabric with its looped irregular surface and super-soft comfort is the obvious choice. The bouclé cushion collection by blomus comprises four sizes and eight tasteful colours, allowing for a multitude of individual combinations to suit almost any interior.


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Cushion cover -VELVET- Colour Moonbeam 40 x 40 cm

€ 39,95



Cushion cover -CHENILLE- Colour Moonbeam 45 x 45 cm

€ 29,95



Cushion cover -BOUCLE- Colour Moonbeam 40 x 40 cm

€ 29,95

Spring / Summer collection 2023


table side tbales



On the wallThe traditional Japanese artform origami was the creative point of departure for German designer Robin Scholtysik when he designed his new side table for blomus – named Oru. Based on the precise folding of intricate figures out of paper, the table consists of thin, powder-coated, steel sheets which – when put together – create a three-dimensional shape, while cut-out joints reveal important little details, such as opposing radii and delicately curved interfaces.

The construction of Oru is just as smart and simple as its design. The table can be assembled without any tools, and its modest weight adds to its portability, meaning it can fit into almost any corner of the modern home – be it as an up-to-date night stand or a simple coffee table by the sofa. The Oru side table comes in two different sizes and in both an all-black and a Burnt Metal version.



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Vase -MIYABI- Colour Moonbeam

€ 39,95

66943 New


Set of 2 side tables -VARU- made from Travertine

€ 790,00

66691 New


Stool -AVIO- Colour Oak

€ 259,00

66928 New


Floor vase -CEOLA- Colour Black

€ 399,00

Comfort zone at home

Textile Living

blanke on sofa with lamp and pillows

Cool Classic

Blankets from blomus

The distinctive, yet discreet pattern of mélange weaves makes them the perfect choice for a classic interior with an abundance of natural materials and subtle colours. Mélange refers to a special technique where pre-dyed yarns of mixed colours – and sometimes different fibres – are woven into a single yarn, creating a gentle, stippled shade. The word itself has French origins and translates to mix, describing both the fibre content and the colours of the completed fabric.

Now, Mélange is also the title of a small collection of OEKO-TEX® Standard 100-certified throws by blomus, launched to complement the new cushions in chenille, velvet and bouclé. With its four distinct colourways and a length of 200 cm, the collection – quite literally – covers all your needs, adding warmth to your private space whether folded at the foot of your bed, artfully draped over the back of your sofa or stored in a basket to be easily accessible when the cold sneaks up on you. All that is left to do is curl up … and relax!

Textile Living

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Blanket -MERINO- Micro Chip

€ 189,00



Blanket -DOUBLE- Colour Fungi 130 x 200 cm

€ 94,95



Blanket -MELANGE- Colour Funghi 130 x 200 cm

€ 94,95

Spring / Summer collection 2023


bathroom essentials


You can tell a lot about a home from its bathroom: its attitude to cleanliness, its style, its priorities and level of ambition. For one tiny room, the bathroom can reveal an awful lot, and a great place to start is the towels. That’s why the extensive blomus towel collection just got a new addition – a heavy and luxurious terry-woven towel with an unexpected decorative detail: fringes! Owing to this clever design feature, the new collection, named Frino, seems like the obvious choice for any bathroom with hotel aspirations – the kind of warm and welcoming space that will make every day begin and end with some indulgent self-pampering.

Just like all blomus towels, Frino has been designed with a double focus on both absorbency and softness. The heavy GOTS-certified cotton comes in eight different colours so you can find the perfect match with your other bathroom accessories, and to cater for every need, the Frino collection consists of both a convenient hand towel, a lush bath towel and, last but not least, a practical guest towel.


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66687 New


Felt basket -TIGGY- Colour Rustic Brown / Tan Size S

€ 99,95

66478 New


Set of 2 guest towels -FRINO- Colour Satellite 30 x 50 cm

€ 11,95

66691 New


Stool -AVIO- Colour Oak

€ 259,00

66462 New


Soap dispenser -MODO- Colour Burned Metal 165ml

€ 69,95

Spring / Summer collection 2023

Cocktail & Wine

Cocktail arragement withwine glasses



With ten years in the business, Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider – the names behind German design studio kaschkasch – are widely known for collaborations with some of the leading contemporary design brands in the European industry.

Their latest project for blomus is the classic Ilo set for the home bar, consisting of all the tools you need to serve wine – a corkscrew, a bottle stop, a bottle opener and a pourer – all taking their design inspiration from Japanese wooden crafts and with a strong focus on the tactile qualities of the shapes and materials. The set, presented in an elegant gift box, is available in two timeless colours: an anthracite gray and a light beige named moonbeam.


Cocktail & Wine

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64400 New


Water carafe -BELO- Colour Clear 1200ml

€ 39,95



Wine accessories set complete -ILO- Magnet

€ 135,00

64398 New


Set of 6 white wine glasses -BELO- Colour Clear 400ml

€ 77,95