Ordering and Shipment

1. Can I order by phone?

Unfortunately, ordering by phone is not possible. However, if you have any questions to your order, we will gladly assist you. Please got to our contact page.

2. How much does shipment cost?

The shipping costs are a flat fee of €4.90 per order. Orders valued at €75 or above are not subject to shipping costs. Different rates apply for shipping outside of Germany.

3. How long does it take for my order to reach me?

International shipment takes 7-10 working days. Should you have selected 'prepayment', please note that the shipment of your order only takes place once the amount due has reached our bank account.

4. Can I track where my order currently is?

In the shipment confirmation email, a link and tracking code are included. With the help of the tracking code, you can follow your shipment on the page that the link leads to.


1. How are returns undertaken?

Should you wish to return an order, please visit your customer profile and go to returns. If you don't have a customer profil please click here. There you will find the opportunity to return your order or just some items. Please tell us the reason why you want to return those items.

You will be automatically redirected to create your personal return label.

If this doesn't work you can send us an email to

2. How do I receive my money back when returning items?

The reimbursement of the payment is processed upon receipt of the returned items.

  • with pre-payment the reimbursement is sent to your bank account
  • with credit card payments the value is returned to your credit card or bank account
  • with PayPal the value is returned to your PayPal account

Customer account

1. What advantages does a customer account have?

Generally, a guest can use all functions of the shop without issue. No registration is required to place an order. As a registered user, however, you have the advantages of a faster ordering process, multiple saved delivery addresses, staying up to date on your order status as well as being able to save items on your wish list. Furthermore, you can gain access to your purchasing history.

2. What can I do if I forget my password?

In the login area you can find the link 'Password forgotten'. Once you click this, a field will appear where you are to type in your email address. Please provide this and confirm that you wish to send a new password to your email address by clicking on 'Reset password'. (Please use the same email address as during your registration.) You will then be sent a new password.

3. How can I change my password and personal details?

To change your password or personal details, you will need to log in. Under your account settings you will then find the option to 'Change password' and then 'update information'. To change the password, insert your old password and confirm your new one by giving it in twice. You can change your personal information at any time and to confirm any changes please click on 'Update'.


blomus Torches

1. Why does the torch not burn as expected?

If the wick sticks out of its mount too far, the flame can scorch the wick. When lighting the torch, a wick that is not fully engulfed in lamp oil can also be scorched by the flame. In both cases, the flame dies out or it burns just very slightly. Only once the scorched part of the wick has been cut off (approx. 1-2cm), the torch can be relit. For these reasons, it is vital that the instructions to light the torch found below are followed.

Check the placement of the wick before lighting the torch. The optimal length is approx. 3-5mm. A significant build-up of soot will be the result of a wick that protrudes too far. Should the flame be too small, this will be because the wick is too short. Correct the wick placement accordingly. After a while, the upper end of the wick can become glazed, which can influence the height of the flame. In this case, cut 1-2 cm off the upper end of the wick and readjust the placement of the wick.

2. How do I fill the torch?

To fill the oil torch press the wick's protection down and turn it 90° anti-clockwise until it is released from the lock. The security cap is now open and the lid can be removed. To do so, use one hand to hold on to the torch and use the other to pull the lid carefully out of the torch. To fill the torch, it suffices to place the lid with the wick on the torch's edge and then fill the torch up to the marked maximum fill level with original blomus lamp oil. After having filled the torch, put the lid back on. Make sure that the seal is still properly in please or that it does not get squashed. Press the lid with the safety lock facing down and at the same time turn it clockwise until it is in place. If need be, immediately soak up any oil that overflowed with a cloth and dispose of it properly. Should you not be able to dispose the cloth immediately, make sure that it is kept away from children and infants.

3. Why does oil escape from the top of the torch?

Please check the setting of the wick and the fluid level of the torch. The optimal protruding length of the wick is approx. 3-5mm.

If too much oil has been put in the torch, it can lead to temporary overflowing and uncontrolled burning off of the excess oil. Therefore, never fill the torch above the maximum marked fluid level, or never more than the following amounts

Maximum fluid level of an empty torch:
300 ml 65007, 65008, 65009, 65013, 65092
350 ml 65021, 65022, 65085, 65093
500 ml 65034, 65084, 65089

4. Can the torch be used when it rains?

Using the torch during light rain is not a problem. Strong showers can extinguish the flame. The torches should not be out in the open when it rains, as the wick can soak up water.

5. How should the torch be extinguished?

Danger: Never attempt to blow out the torch. Instead, use an extinguisher. When attempting to blow out the torch, flames can dart out or lamp oil can be sprayed. Our covering caps 65417 (polished) and 65416 (matt) can be used, which also serve as a protection against rain.


6. Are there spare parts for the torch?

If you are unsure which wicks or wood posts are suitable for your torch, then search our site by the article number.

Spare parts

Spare parts are available for many of our products. These are listed in the category of the main product. To find matching spare parts, you can also use the site search function by entering the article number of the main product.


Care advice

Care advice for blomus stainless steel products:

blomus stainless steel products are made from high-quality, food-safe materials. As a material, stainless steel is easy to clean , but not entirely self-cleansing. With matt stainless steel, if not properly cleaned, stains and dark blots may form. We recommend that you clean your blomus product at regular intervals.

Warning: Never use chemicals, spirits, petrol, bleach, silver polish or other strong or aggressive cleaning products or substances to clean the product. Also, use steel wool, pad sponges, hard brushes and cleaning pads are unsuitable for the cleaning and care of blomus products. The surface can be permanently damaged by doing so.

Cleaning and care of blomus stainless steel products:

Fingermarks on stainless steel surfaces can be removed by a moist microfiber cloth.

When necessary, clean your blomus product with warm water and possibly some pH-neutral washing-up liquid. Rub it dry with a fuzz-free cloth in the direction of the matting to avoid water stains. blomus stainless steel products are generally speaking suitable for dishwashers. Please take the product as soon as possible out of the dishwasher and dry it if necessary. For care and sealing of the surface, we recommend blomus stainless steel spray, article number 31056. This applies a dirt-repellent coating.

Warning: blomus stainless steel spray is not to be used on products that come in contact with food or drink. Should products have inadvertently been cleaned with this spray, wash them with warm water and ph-neutral washing-up liquid, and dry if necessary.

Cleaning and care of blomus glas/ceramic/synthetic/rubber/silicone/bamboo and wood products:

When necessary, cleaning your blomus product with warm water and if need be some ph-neutral washing-up liquid and dry it with a fuzz-free cloth. Repeat the process if the material is particularly dirty.

Warning: Wood and bamboo parts are generally not dishwasher safe. When cleaning, make sure not to damage delicate materials such as glas, wood or bamboo.


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