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Table lamps and floor lights for stylish lighting

With matching table lamps and floor lights, the mood in a room can be influenced in a stylish way. The lamps not only provide light in the form of an additional light source, but also give the room more personality and flair. Our lamps & lights are available in many designs and different styles, so you are guaranteed to find the perfect lighting for your home.

There is a table lamp for everyone!

Whether you want your table lamp to be more functional like classic reading lamps or more of a decorative furnishing element with a special design: In any case, we have the right light source for your individual needs. Table lamps can be placed on chests of drawers, side tables, desks or dining room and kitchen tables to radiate discreet light into the room from this location.

If the decorative aspect is the focus for you, you should first be clear about your preferred design and style direction. In our shop, you will find a large selection of different table lamps to inspire you. If you want your table lamp to be more functional and have practical additional functions, then it is best to take a look at our checklist, which will help you to find the perfect table lamp for your requirements.

First of all, think about what you want to use the lamp for. For example, a popular additional function of modern table lamps falls into the category of "charging a mobile phone". So if you would like a light source that you can use to charge your mobile phone at the same time, that would be a good first clue with which to start your search for the perfect lamp: Look for a lamp with a USB connection or Qi technology.

Checklist for the perfect table lamp

These questions should help you to structure the world of table lamps and table lamps a little and point you in the right direction to make your decision easier.

  • Are the functions the main focus for you?
  • Are function and design equally important?
  • Is a remote control mandatory?
  • Should the lamp be smart-home compatible?
  • Do you want to be able to play with the light colours?
  • Which light source is right for my table lamps?

For table lamps, just like for other lamps, there are models that have permanently installed LED technology. With these models, you don't have to worry about the right light source. However, there are also table lamps where the light source can be replaced as needed. As a rule, you can then choose between LEDs or energy-saving lamps. LED lamps are recommended and are the most common today.

How many watts should my table lamps have?

With the classic incandescent lamp, the wattage was a good indicator of the brightness of the light emitted by a lamp. However, this has since changed, as watts refer to energy consumption and not to brightness. However, LED lamps consume up to 90 % less energy than an incandescent lamp at comparable brightness. The value used to measure brightness is called lumen, and this is the value you should use as a guide.

How many lumens should my table lamps have?

For table lamps and reading lamps, 300 to 400 lumens are absolutely sufficient. With this luminous intensity, you can create area lighting. After all, the purpose of a table luminaire is not to illuminate the entire room but to set lighting accents and create a cosy atmosphere. Reading lamps with 300 to 400 lumens are also perfectly adequate as light sources for reading a book.

Where should I best place my table luminaires?

You can position your table lamps, for example, on chests of drawers, side tables, the living room table or even on a windowsill. This way, you can set stylish accents of light in your rooms.
If the focus is not on the cosy atmosphere of the light but on optimal lighting for writing, reading or handicrafts, you should make sure that your hand does not cast disturbing shadows. Reading lamps and desk lamps are therefore placed on the left side of the table for right-handers. This allows the light from the lamp to illuminate your work surface without obstruction.

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