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Praktisch, nachhaltig, dekorativ: Heimtextilien von blomus

We ensure a coherent, pleasant kitchen image with our simple but beautiful towels and other textiles around the dining room and kitchen space. Practical handling and attractive decoration, especially in the dining area, can indeed complement each other. We prove it.

Home textiles as an eye catcher

Yes, textiles in the kitchen have a special purpose. They should do their job well. Whether for drying or wiping: The main task of towels and co. is usually not to look good. Nevertheless, we have found very beautiful textiles at blomus that combine both: Aesthetics and utility. With these, we are making a new statement in the home when it comes to the decorative and at the same time practical design of the kitchen. At blomus, we offer several sets that fit perfectly into a wide variety of kitchen and dining areas. For example, there are the towels from the WIPE Perla, BELT, GRID or RIDGE collection. There are even matching wiping cloths for the WIPE Perla collection. In a typical Scandinavian minimalist look, the towels with subtle colours such as brown, ice blue, cream, pink and anthracite enrich every kitchen, giving it an elegant, luxurious look. At the same time, the colours and materials for the various textiles are chosen so that they are quite resistant and continue to look classy and beautiful even after repeated use. The home textiles differ in workmanship, materials, colours and patterns, so there is something for everyone.

High-quality materials for great benefits

The home textiles from blomus are far from just beautiful. The composition of the individual materials is designed to provide maximum absorbency. For this purpose, the towels are mostly made of pure cotton. But there are also towels made from a blend of linen and cotton. The different processing methods of the fabrics provide additional practicality and varying looks, so that the room is designed as diversely as possible and the towel becomes not only a means to an end, but also an eye-catcher. Depending on what you prefer, there are carefully woven, finely or coarsely knitted home textiles that prove to be downright hand-pleasers. Not only do you like to dry your dishes and surfaces on them, but also your own hands after a day's work. Thanks to the pure cotton and the thick knitting technique, the wipes have a particularly strong absorbency that allows even coarse dirt to be gently removed from surfaces and dishes. By the way, matching the elegant towel design, there are also wall hooks for hanging, for example in plain stainless steel, but also in black and white marble look. A fresh, new breeze will soon be blowing in the kitchen.

Easy to care for, lasting pleasure

The home textiles we offer at blomus, made of high-quality fabrics, are designed to support a sustainable, environmentally conscious lifestyle. This goes hand in hand with the fact that all textiles, regardless of the fabrics and patterns, are very easy to care for. Microfibres are not included in any of the fabrics, so they can be washed in the washing machine at 60 degrees Celsius without any problems. In doing so, they regain their cleanliness and hygiene, but also lose none of their attractiveness over a long period of time. The colours retain their radiance and the fabrics also remain soft and absorbent. A particularly practical feature is that the textiles can also be dried in a tumble dryer. This means that they can be used again in no time at all and you only need a few replacements.

With the textiles for the kitchen and dining room, we at blomus are setting new standards for a general sense of well-being without compromising on practicality. With their homely colours, subtle patterns and pleasant fabrics and materials, these textiles for washing up, wiping and drying take the combination of comfort and aesthetics to a new level.

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