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Shelves and storage ideas

Shelves and shelving systems - practical storage in stylish design

Do you want an open living ambience and storage space for books and decorations? Shelves and shelving systems offer you a wide range of furnishing options. They are available in numerous variations, shapes and sizes. This gives you the opportunity to design a room optimally and according to your individual ideas with flexible storage space.

Choose from different shelf types. You have the choice between different sizes and shelf types such as:

  • Wall shelves
  • Floor shelves
  • Corner shelves
  • Shelving systems
  • Ladder shelving
  • Shelving cubes

Wood and metal models

Do you prefer open shelves without a back wall that you can place freely in the room? Or would you rather have a shelf with a back panel and side panels that also decorates the walls in the room? If you opt for a floor-standing shelf, you are free to choose. Wall shelves offer you even more versatile design options. Invisibly fixed to the wall, shelves give the impression of floating freely on the wall thanks to modern fixing techniques. A wall shelf with bracket suspension is ideal as a bookcase. The brackets give the shelf an open design and at the same time fulfil the function of bookends.

You will find shelves for the office, hallway or living area in many different heights, widths and depths. This allows you to adapt the storage space exactly to your needs. The right model is available for storing files or large-format books as well as for displaying small design objects.

The variety of shelf shapes is also overwhelming. They can be round, triangular or rectangular in shape. Individual models also surprise with curved shapes. The models also impress with their diverse combination options. The combination of individual shelves with different shapes and formats and a coordinated design allows you to create an individual room design. Shelving systems are often modular so that you can put together individual parts to suit your personal needs. The combination of floor and wall shelves also creates exciting shelving systems.

Matching colours and materials to your interior design style

Discover shelves for your modern, purist living style in the blomus online shop. Clear shapes and cool colours such as white, grey or black harmonise with elements made of metal or glass. Thanks to the simplicity of their understated design, our shelves with attractive wood grains are also perfect for combining with classic furnishings or country house style. The simple design characteristic of blomus offers you a wide range of possibilities for creating new furnishing ideas.

What to look for when buying

Shelves in which you want to store heavy objects should have sufficient stability. This is especially true for bookshelves or kitchen shelves. The stability of a wall shelf always depends on the nature of the wall to which you want to attach it.
Choose the size according to the intended use. A bookshelf should offer space for books of different formats. If electronic devices such as music systems or TV sets are to find their place in a shelf, the floor must be sufficiently deep. Electrical appliances need good ventilation and therefore sufficient free space. If you want to place a shelf freely in the room, you should choose a model without a back panel.

How do I securely fasten a shelf to the wall?

To securely fasten a wall shelf, you always need a drill as well as dowels and screws or hooks. Universal wall plugs are suitable for hanging on a brick or concrete wall. However, if your walls are made of building materials such as aerated concrete or plasterboard, you will need special wall plugs.
If you want to fix a shelf to a wooden surface, you can do without dowels. In this case, the load-bearing capacity of the shelf depends on the thickness of the wood and thus on the possible length of the screws used.

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