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Japan has an exceptionally long and successful history of producing ceramics, and this proud heritage is visibly present in the new tableware series by blomus, named Kumi. Comprising a total of 18 matching pieces, the range includes traditional Japanese items, such as the small bowl and jug for soy sauce, as well as the characteristic tea mug with no handle, but there are of course also European classics such as the coffee- and espresso cup plus saucer – making Kumi as versatile as it is beautiful.

The exceptional softness of the ceramic items results from a special technique – so-called reactive glazing – which often causes small irregularities, giving each item its own unique personality. True to the Japanese philosophy of wabi sabi, according to which beauty is found only in the imperfect, these pretty little marks are considered traits of personality rather than flaws. The same goes for the inevitable scratches and other marks of use that will appear over time on the delicately glazed surface as you enjoy the plates, bowls and other ceramic items and include them in your daily life.

Kumi, which takes its name from the Japanese word for eternal beauty, was created by the blomus design team. It is available in two colours: a soft, gentle Fungi and a dark, powerful Espresso-brown.


-KUMI- Table top series

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kumi table top series


Unique with personality

The new tabletop range created by the blomus design team has not only typical Japanese shapes that show the minimalist design language which fits so well with the blomus approach of designing everyday objects. It also has a fascinating -but very traditional Japanese- reactive glazing.

This effect glazing comes out different with every firing, and reacts on the slightest variations of oxygen in the kiln atmosphere. Nevertheless these stoneware dishes are dishwasher and microwave safe. This semi-matt finished glaze may have dots and imperfections, may scratch, as it is a very soft surface- nevertheless it is no damage, it is just part of this sophisticated approach. This is why it is called Kumi, which takes its name from the Japanese word for eternal beauty.

-KUMI- Plates & dishes

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Perfect match with -KUMI-

One all-time kitchen classic is the cutting board, and reinventing this seemingly rather mundane product for the home chef might seem a rather futile task for any designer. Nevertheless, that is exactly what German designer David Meier did for blomus, with his Zen series: cutting boards that double as trays with slim edges when turned upside down and have been named after the elegant and meticulously well-kept Japanese rock gardens.

The Japanese-inspired name seemed fitting on account of the pattern of the milled grooves in the boards, which serve the practical purpose of catching and containing those crumbs from your freshly cut bread which so often (irritatingly) end up littering your breakfast table or kitchen counter. The thoughtfully considered Zen boards in solid oak are a fresh and welcome take on multifunctional kitchen utensils – and when paired with the Kumi or Sablo tableware range, it will take your table decor to a whole new level of sophistication.

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