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Bathroom Textiles

Let's snuggle: Bathroom textiles to snuggle up in and embellish your bathroom

Whether it's a towel, bath mat or bath towel: bathroom textiles are essential for every bathroom. They are in constant use, so they should have different properties that support relaxation in the bathroom. At blomus, you will find beautiful bathroom textiles that not only add the finishing touch to any bathroom, but are also easy to clean, environmentally friendly and very comfortable. With them, bathing becomes a real spa experience.

Aesthetics in the bathroom

The bathroom is generally a place of relaxation and well-being. To really take a deep breath in the bathroom, it is all the more beautiful when the furnishings are coherent and everything fits together seamlessly. The bathroom textiles from blomus make their contribution to this. With the different variations of shower towel, hand towel, bath mat and co. we have made sure that they can be easily integrated into any bathroom. For this purpose, we offer various sets that differ in colours, patterns, composition and finish. For example, you will find the casual CARO textiles in waffle piqué style with massage effect. With a GIO towel, you acquire a classic, absorbent and particularly cosy bathroom textile made of terry cloth. The KISHO collection provides variety and is woven in such a way that it also has towelling on one side, while the cotton fibres on the other side are particularly absorbent for that extra dry effect thanks to a special Japanese weaving technique. The key to harmonious aesthetics in the bathroom is that all sets are limited to the essentials. Whether towel, guest towel or shower towel - they are all kept rather simple, without striking patterns or colours. Instead, the colours are kept rather homely and functional and range from a warm beige to a light blue to a deep green in various shades. All the bathroom textiles give the feeling after a shower or even just when washing your hands that relaxation is about to begin.

By the way: the aesthetics in a room are sometimes achieved through small details - and this is also the case in the bathroom. For this reason, we at blomus offer many different accessories and practical elements that enhance your stay in the bathroom. These include elegant stainless steel towel rails and marble-look toothbrush tubs.

Environmentally friendly and effective

With blomus, we pursue the goal that textiles for the bathroom are manufactured and processed under environmentally friendly, sustainable aspects. To this end, we have chosen to use 100 percent Oekotex cotton when selecting materials. It is subject to special standards in production and processing and thus supports environmentally friendly, sustainable action. What distinguishes our textiles, however, is by far not only their sustainability. The processing of the cotton creates a unique skin feeling in every towel and even in the bath mat. Each shower towel is woven in such a way that it is highly absorbent and removes every last drop from the skin after showering. With the different designs and processing forms, we let our customers* choose which skin feeling they like best - for example, a waffle piqué bath towel for a pleasant massage effect that stimulates the blood circulation and tightens the skin after showering. Or even a cosy bath mat made of terry cloth with GOTS certification.
The advantage is that blomus offers many different sets, which are so harmonious in their design and colours that they can be easily combined with each other without a break in style. For example, the bath mat from the KISHO collection can be wonderfully combined with the bath towel from the CARO collection.

Easy-care bathroom textiles for every occasion

The textiles we offer at blomus for the bathroom are all easy to keep clean and hygienic. Depending on the set, you can clean the bath mats, bath mats or even the space-saving shower towel in the washing machine at 40 to 60 degrees Celsius. To make drying easier, you can simply put each bath towel, whether small or large, in the dryer afterwards without the textiles suffering.
Whether it's a bath towel or a bath mat: we focus on high quality and premium workmanship at a fair price for our textiles for the bathroom. In this way, we not only make every shower a true spa experience, but also support the idea of a sustainable lifestyle.

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