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Yua series

YUA - Entering a new world


kaschkaschs approach to design a more formal garden furniture for blomus leads to a not too loud but still with it‘s own DNA in detail matching series. The main subject is the fine detail that the end of the flat surfaces is slightly drawn around the tubes of the main structure. These fine details on the edge and legs of the chairs and tables create the formal connection of the YUA family.

kaschkasch has designed the YUA Series where you can choose from a variety of combinations: a classic Chair with and without armrests and a wider and more laid-back Lounger, both in flat steel - YUA - and wired seating options - YUA WIRE. Also, there is a Lounge Sofa in YUA WIRE version. You can combine these seating furniture perfectly with a large Dining Table, small Bistro Tables in round and rectangular shape as well as lower Lounge Tables in round and rectangular shape. All these options are available in a light Silk Gray and a darker Granite Gray.

This item can only be ordered in quantities of 2, 4, 6...

kaschkasch design duo



The German design studio kaschkasch was established in 2011 by Florian Kallus (born 1983) and Sebastian Schneider (born 1985). Since then, the two designers have been a strong voice on the international design scene.

The duo works within the creative fields of art direction, furniture and lighting design, servicing a number of international brands. Kaschkasch is primarily known for simple yet refined designs, and for Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider’s continuous exploration of the interplay between functionality and beauty. 


-YUA- How it all began


The designer duo kaschkasch has developed the YUA outdoor cushions to perfectly match the YUA and YUA WIRE garden furniture. The cushions offer the ideal combination of style and comfort. The non-slip rear side and the high-quality, dense foam core guarantee pleasant cushioning and maximum comfort. Thanks to the water-repellent and weather-resistant material, the cushions are perfect for outdoor use. Moreover, the cushions are UV-resistant and easy to clean. The Melange Gray shade combines the light nuances of Silk Gray with the dark tones of Granite Gray and thus offers a harmonious overall appearance of the YUA furniture. Available in matching sizes for every piece of seating furniture of the series.


yua materials

YUA - Materials

Blomus takes outdoor comfort and durability to the next level with our exquisite garden furniture collection. Crafted with precision and style, our garden furniture is not just an addition to your outdoor space; it's an embodiment of quality and longevity. 

Our choice of material underscores our commitment to durability and aesthetic appeal. Blomus utilizes robust galvanized steel for our garden furniture, ensuring a sturdy and reliable foundation. To enhance its resilience against the elements, each piece is meticulously powder-coated with a high-end weatherproof finish, offering exceptional protection against sun, rain, and changing weather conditions. 

The outdoor suitability of our furniture is accentuated by the hard-wearing nature of the coating, making it resistant to fading, rust, and corrosion. This ensures that your garden furniture retains its stunning appearance season after season. We take pride in creating pieces that not only stand up to the rigors of outdoor living but also elevate the visual appeal of your outdoor oasis. 

While our furniture is designed to withstand various weather conditions, we recommend taking a small step to preserve its beauty. To ensure long-lasting enjoyment, we suggest covering the furniture during the winter months. This simple precaution will help shield it from the harshest weather elements, allowing you to extend the life and aesthetic charm of your blomus garden furniture. 

Elevate your outdoor experience with blomus – where durability meets design, and your garden becomes a true extension of your home.


 • The furniture is intended to be used in- and outdoors in residential and professional settings. 

• The garden furniture must only be used for the intended purpose. 

• Weather conditions, as well as the way the furniture is used, will have an influence on the product. To enjoy it for a long time, ee recommend to cover the furniture in the winter, or store it in a dry, sheltered area. 

• Protect the garden furniture from extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain, wind or storms. 

• Please wipe down the furniture if it gets wet after rain or snowfall. 

• Please remove stains and dirt immediately to prevent them from causing permanent damage to the furniture. 

• Avoid contact with sharp or scratching objects. 

• Please protect the garden furniture from scratches and knocks. Avoid scratches by not bumping the Chairs against each other when stacking. You will find precise information on the maximum stacking unit in this flyer. 

• Avoid contact with aggressive or corrosive as well as abrasive chemicals. 

• Please check the condition of the stacking glides regularly and reattach the glides if they fall off. 

• Please avoid pushing or pulling the garden furniture across the floor. 

• Please do not stand or climb on the Table. 

• The maximum load capacity of the Tables is 100 kg. The maximum load capacity of the Chairs and Lounge Chairs is 110 kg. The maximum load capacity of the Lounge Sofas is 220 kg (designed for two people). 

• Check the garden furniture regularly for wear, rust or other damage. If you notice rust spots, remove them immediately. Follow this up by using the YUA Cover Pens for optimal care. 


• Simply brush off loose dirt and tap the cushions regularly. 

• Clean dirt with a damp cloth. 

• For cleaning we recommend a soft cloth. 

• Remove excess moisture with a dry cloth. 

• Stains or soiling should be removed immediately. 

• The cushion covers are machine washable at 30° C (86 F). Before washing, please remove the filling carefully through the zip. We recommend that dark colours are washed with similar colours. Please wash on the wrong side and close the zip. Exact instructions can be found on the washing label on the product. 

• When not in use and in winter, we recommend storing the cushions in dry and well-ventilated rooms. 

• The cushions should be dried in a well-ventilated area if they come into contact with rain and moisture. 

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