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Mirror mirror at the wall...

Much more than just a mirror: Designer highlights made by blomus

For ages, looking in the mirror has simply been part of the morning routine. If you think that you can't get anything more out of a functional object like a mirror, we will now convince you otherwise. Because our blomus designers have taken on mirrors - and conjured up little works of art from them. Whether in the bathroom, hallway or bedroom: with the mirrors from our PESA, VISTA, SONO or MODO series, we are completely redefining mirrors!

Which mirror fits into which room?

If you think in strict categories, a vanity mirror belongs in the bathroom, a standing mirror in the hallway and a wall mirror looks great in the living room or bedroom. Of course, you can also hang or place our blomus mirrors according to tradition - or you can do as our designer teams do and break with conventions. Our table mirror PESA, for example, is perfectly suited for use in the hallway or bedroom thanks to its unique combination of filigree glass and robust marble. But PESA also cuts a really good figure in the bathroom. The minimalist design fits seamlessly into any room and draws the eye - without pushing itself to the fore. Our cosmetic mirrors from the VISTA series are also not only a support when applying make-up, plucking eyebrows or shaving in the bathroom. The concave mirror surface with fivefold magnification and the high-quality design of the stand in either chrome or matt nickel-plated steel make VISTA look good in simply any room!

Hanging a mirror - or would you rather stand it up?

Of course, a wall mirror has its advantages. It always hangs in the same place, allows you to look at it as you pass by and - once the perfect place has been found - also visually enhances a room. However, hanging mirrors in old buildings can be a challenge. Old houses often used bricks that were plastered over and over again by the residents over the decades (or sometimes centuries). A small drill hole quickly becomes a crater in the wall - if you can penetrate brick walls at all with standard drills. That's why we love our practical, beautifully designed standing mirrors from the VISTA or SONO series. It doesn't matter to these mirrors where they stand - because thanks to the practical feet, you can simply place our standing mirrors on any free surface. Our SONO cosmetic mirrors go one step further: with a flick of the wrist, the mirror can be removed from its stand and accompanies you wherever you go. Of course, we have also thought of the classic wall mirror. With MODO, we have developed wall mirrors that can be perfectly aligned at any time thanks to a movable wall mount.

Caring for our mirrors: a real piece of cake

Regardless of the series, our blomus mirrors are easy, quick and effortless to keep clean. We deliberately avoid high-maintenance geometries or crevices where dust could collect. For cleaning our mirrors, we recommend using water and a microfibre cloth. That's all it takes for a streak-free shine. Especially our mirrors with soft-touch surfaces (SONO) are happy to be wiped only lightly with an almost dry cloth. Gentle glass cleaners can of course also be used at any time, because the robust surfaces are designed for absolute durability and resistance. Tip: To stop your blomus mirrors fogging up, especially in the bathroom, simply rub the mirror surface with a thin layer of shaving foam. Then wipe off the shaving foam with a dry cloth. This forms an invisible protective film on the glass - and your mirror no longer fogs up.

We are pleased to be able to offer you small, unique design highlights with the new collections of our blomus mirrors. If you cannot find a particular mirror from our collections here in the shop, please call us or write to us. We will be happy to take care of your request!

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