Sofa -SITTA- Fabric Boucla Colour Shitake

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  • Designer: Anton Björsing
  • Item No.: 67083
  • EAN: 4008832812828
  • Color: Shitake
  • Material: 68 % Polyamide, 29 % Polyester, 3 % Viskose
  • Height: 480 mm
  • Width: 1350 mm
  • Length: 730 mm
  • Seat width: 1300 mm
  • Seat height: 480 mm
  • Outdoor suitable: No

iconic design award interior products 2024

Product description

Anton Björsing (born in 1983) was born in Sweden and after his apprenticeship as a carpenter he studied at the Steneby design school in Gothenburg, Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies in Linköging and finally at the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London. He has always been accompanied by his enthusiasm for the material wood that he uses to design furniture and interior decoration. With the SITTA line, Anton Björsing has added a new dimension and various possibilities of use and design to the elegant simplicity of this furniture. Slim proportions and minimalist principles – the pieces exude elegant and clean lines in their simple details. Upholstered elements that convey a sense of softness and add a tactile touch to modern spaces.
With its elegant simplicity, this furniture offers you a new dimension to use it and enrich your living space. The height ist 45cm and the deepth is 55cm.

Designer: Anton Björsing


Swedish designer Anton Björsing (born 1983) graduated from Stenebyskolan and Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies in Stockholm in 2012. He also pursued interior and spatial design at London's Chelsea College of Art and Design.

In the years since his graduation, Björsing has forged close collaborations with several of Sweden's most celebrated product and furniture companies. Despite his initial grounding as a trained cabinetmaker, with a great understanding of wood's intrinsic qualities, his curiosity, knowledge of materials and willingness to embrace challenges have propelled him to explore a vast array of materials.

Björsing’s design philosophy is firmly rooted in the Scandinavian tradition, although he simultaneously pushes the boundaries of convention to unearth new design possibilities. His aim is to craft products that resonate with people, seamlessly marrying form and function. 

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Schwedish designer

Further Information

Care Instruction:

Vacuum the furniture regularly. Do not use abrasive cleaners and read the enclosed care instructions for heavy stains.

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