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Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen utensils created by blomus

You can never have enough kitchen utensils

It's not just about having a practical kitchen utensil in the kitchen. It is about so much more when we enter the kitchen, meet while cooking or prepare for the family visit. It's about being together, caring for each other and enjoying ourselves, and that deserves the best. That's why our kitchen utensils have fancy names like Wires or Oolong. Behind them are well thought-out kitchen utensils and kitchen aids with the highest demands on design, materials and real added value for the user when preparing food.

Kitchen gadgets for cooking and baking

When things get hot in the kitchen, kitchen gadgets are worth their weight in gold. If they also look chic and convince with a timeless yet interesting design, preparing food is even more fun. Who doesn't know those situations when cooking or baking in the kitchen, when the kitchen gadget you need is not immediately at hand? We have opted for minimalism so that the kitchen utensils can be easily stowed away. On the other hand, we have not skimped on style, because the food should also be presented in the best light during preparation. The coaster from the KNIK series is one such example. Reduced to the essentials, foldable because it is simply practical and matt black because it is a noble colour that fits everywhere in the kitchen. Flip is also "just" a trivet that is quickly at hand when cooking and baking. In its basic features, it consists of three arms, while Oolong is made of first-class silicone and can therefore withstand high temperatures. The potholders of the Flip series are also made of this, which fit into the design in terms of colour and have been supplemented with the shade Magnet.

Wooden chopping boards by designer David Meier

Beautifully shaped wood, curved edges and an uncompromising design are among the features of our cutting boards. The designer David Meier is known for his visions and products with high functionality. This is reflected in the Zen series, where the two new cutting boards serve as trays with edges when turned upside down. The design is inspired by the meticulously tended rock gardens in Japan and has been complemented by a noble aspect made of solid oak. The fine grooves pick up and hold the crumbs of freshly cut bread. The kitchen classic in Meier's interpretation is well thought-out and wonderfully harmonious to combine with the Ro or Sablo tableware series. In round and square, the banal task of a cutting board becomes a multifunctional kitchen aid. The solid oak wood feels good and convinces you with its pleasant feel - one of our most popular kitchen utensils. Wood is always used for chopping boards when it is supposed to last a particularly long time. It underlines the style of the kitchen and is easy to clean and maintain. It is also gentle on knife blades when you use it for cooking and baking. The wood also has natural antibacterial properties and is intended for intensive use.

Kitchen utensils like the kitchen roll holder belong in every kitchen

The kitchen roll, also called kitchen paper, has already become indispensable in many kitchens. With the practical paper towels, many tasks are done faster and easier. Meat needs to be dabbed, the stovetop needs cleaning or the paper soaks up spilled liquids. Kitchen roll holders offer the ideal place to store the useful roll, either standing up as with the Loop, Cusi, Wires designs or in the Obar design, which is intended for wall mounting and also accommodates cling film. Wires is reduced to the minimum in design and is a good choice for cooking and baking everywhere. Loop is designed for one-handed operation and offers roll-off protection. Cusi is the shiny stainless steel model of the kitchen roll holders and shows itself rather closed. All you have to do is choose!
Kitchen utensils and kitchen helpers for versatile solutions - Must not be missing in any kitchen - Timeless classics reinterpreted with added value

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