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The first sign that Christmas is coming is usually decorating our homes; it creates that special sense of festive cosiness and excitement. The new collection of ornaments that designer Theresa Rand has created for blomus – aptly named Kitai, from the Japanese word for anticipation – encapsulates this sense of wonder and is the perfect way to get your festive ball rolling.

Kitai consists of eight simple, yet elegant ornaments – three different cut-out motifs in metal with a muted brass finish and five coloured-glass baubles that resemble delicate winter berries, each framed by a circle. Each has a matte satin ribbon tie, so you can hang them from your tree, use them on your table centerpiece or find your own special place for them; the possibilities are endless. Wherever you display them, these beautiful, light ornaments are sure to add a subtle hint of luxury and Christmas magic.


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stella series



Stella – the well-known cutlery set designed for blomus by Theresa Rand – is sleek, functional and exceptionally well designed. Instantly popular and 2020 winner of the German Design Award, it has all the qualities of an enduring classic, while adding a modern twist and a bit of sparkle to the beloved older pieces that already grace your dining table.

As well as the original stainless steel and all-black versions, Stella now comes in a beautiful champagne colour that is simply perfect for those elegant occasions when you need your table setting to ooze luxury and glamour.

Convince yourself of the quality and charm of this series and create a festive table for cosy hours in the dark season with your family or friends.


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miyabi series



The Miyabi vases by Kazushige Miyake for blomus are inspired by the graceful vessels used traditionally in the Japanese art of ikebana – the gentle and mindful arranging of flowers in sculptural bouquets. These modern interpretations retain the delicate sense of refinement so associated with Japanese culture, and a ceramic version has been a permanent part of the blomus collection since 2020.

Now, the tall version of Miyake’s sculptural vases – named Miyabi from the Japanese for elegance or grace – is launched in polished stainless steel and burned metal. And just like the original design, it is shaped so simply that it suits equally displaying set floral bouquets and single stalks gathered to form a sculptural unity. True to Japanese tradition, the rounded top part allows the water to be a discreet part of the display.

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ondea series



Ondea – a decorative bowl series that Fuhrmann designed for blomus in 2007 – is all about understated refinement and longevity. For Fuhrmann, an object’s being made to last is a mark of its quality. The elegant blomus classics in classis stainless steel were taken out of the permanent range in 2015, but are now relaunched in burned metal, and they feel just as relevant and contemporary as when they were first introduced almost two decades ago.

The strikingly simple Ondea bowls, with their beautifully curved silhouettes, are perfect for displaying fruits on the coffee table or kitchen worktop, but look just as good when treated purely as decorative pieces. Their essential nature elevates your interior while encouraging a more thoughtful way of purchasing and living with timeless items.

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sag series



As the dark season descends, there's nothing quite like the warm, inviting glow of blomus SAGA Colored Glass Windlights to infuse your living room with an undeniable sense of coziness. Crafted with the utmost care from handblown glass, these windlights are not just decorative accents but also creators of an enchanting atmosphere that will make you feel right at home. 

In the quest to bring comfort to your living space, the SAGA series offers a wide range of rich, captivating colors. Each hue is carefully selected to elicit a soothing ambiance during the dark season. When you light a tealight within, the gentle, flickering radiance instantly transforms your living room into a haven of relaxation. 

blomus, renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality, ensures that SAGA hurricane lamps not only create a magical atmosphere but also stand the test of time. These hurricane lamps are not just beautiful; they are crafted with precision to exude a sense of refined elegance. 

So, as the days grow shorter and the nights longer, let blomus SAGA colored hurricane lamps be your partners in curating an environment where you can truly unwind and feel at ease. Discover the art of comfort and well-being in your living room and elevate the spirit of coziness during the dark season.

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Find the perfect gift for Christmas!

Find the perfect gift for Christmas!