Bread & friut baskets from blomu

Perfect for any kitchen, these stylish designs combine high-quality materials with modern aesthetics.

Bread & Fruit Baskets

Set the table for breakfast!

Set your table in style with blomus. 

Whether placemats, bowls or bread baskets in all kinds of designs: Discover kitchen accessories and accessories for Breakfast & Coffee. Celebrate your personal moments of joy and satisfaction already in the morning and make the first meal of the day a little highlight. We have everything you need for a pretty table arrangement. This includes the basics - the centrepieces - and the small special things in life that add sparkle to everyday life. Placemats provide the perfect setting for crockery and cutlery and are the ideal companion for a personal breakfast ambience. Colour-coordinated and made of fine material, placemats and tableware can be combined with other accessories. A matching basket with a bread pocket sets the scene for rolls and croissants. One thing is certain: our stainless steel baskets will not only be an eye-catcher on the laid table.

A basket as a high-quality accessory

A bread basket from our collection is as versatile as there are different needs. Depending on your lifestyle and individual preferences, you can place the bread basket with bread pocket as stylish storage in the kitchen or directly as a basket on the dining table. This way, bread, rolls and other baked goods can be arranged in a tasty way. In addition, the baskets with their noble materials and colours are a pretty eye-catcher on any table. Warm rolls, baguettes and freshly baked bread stay nice and crispy in the bread bag. A shapely basket for storage is also ideal for parties and buffets. Thanks to the cotton fabric and the colour design, they always blend in perfectly with their surroundings and present their contents in a very tasteful way. If you are looking for a shapely fruit bowl, a stainless steel storage basket is also the perfect choice. The fabric can be easily removed for washing. This makes a bread basket from our collection universally applicable.

The right bread basket for your home

Fresh bread simply tastes delicious, whether made from wholemeal, rye or wheat flour. Homemade bread rolls are also always a delight and a highlight at Sunday breakfast. To ensure that the baked goods last a long time and do not dry out, they should be stored properly. In our collection you will find various storage options. Especially if you regularly have to store larger quantities, it is worth buying a bread box. In the bread box, the bread stays fresh for a long time and can also be cut excellently. If you wish, you can order a replacement cutting mat for the bread bin from us. For serving, a basket for baked goods is suitable, which you can get from us in many colours. So you can choose your bread basket to match the ambience.

Your breakfast table will shine with these materials and colours

Do you love steel and stainless steel? Then go for these storage baskets. Depending on which material you prefer, choose your new bread basket from matt powder-coated steel or stainless steel. Your new kitchen accessory is also available as a chrome-plated bread basket. The tasteful presentation of your baked goods is ensured not only by the material but also by the colour design, which adapts to every kitchen and dining room. The size of the storage basket is also flexible, so that it is suitable for both single households and large families. By the way: Such a storage basket is also ideal for fragrant biscuits at Christmas time or for delicious sweets. These colours are available, for example

  • agave green
  • flint stone
  • magnet
  • moonbeam
  • withered rose
  • taupe
  • rose dust
  • sharkskin
  • sand

Cleaning the bread basket without much effort

After breakfast, you can simply shake the crumbs out of your bread basket. Alternatively, the fabric bag made of cotton can be washed. If you have chosen a bread basket with a cotton fabric insert, this can also be removed for shaking out and washing. This way, your bread basket is quickly ready for use again.

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