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Carafes and jugs for every occasion. Transportable, mouth-blown and stable. Enjoy your next drink on your balcony with a carafe from blomus.


The renaissance of table culture

Beautiful tableware is part of a perfectly laid table. Add the right accessories and the culinary experience knows no bounds. Here you will find refreshing inspiration for the table and attractive tableware in high quality.

Welcome to the land of carafes

In addition to high-quality tableware and cutlery, drinking vessels and carafes made of glass are also part of table culture. They complement the perfectly set table and focus on appealing design and functionality. A water carafe from our range is ideal for serving non-alcoholic drinks. The different shapes and colours make each glass carafe an ideal companion for festivities and parties.
A glass carafe for drinks or a decanter decorate every set table and are suitable for everyday use as well as for unique moments in life. Our perfectly shaped decanters help aerate red and white wines and allow for comfortable pouring. In addition to classic shapes, you will find exclusive decanters and decanter carafes made of glass.

Decanters and their many possibilities

A carafe for drinks not only cuts a fine figure at elegant dinners. In the home office, too, a high-quality water carafe embellishes every working day. In addition, it not only fulfils functional purposes, but also looks extremely decorative. And if you love variety, take a look at our jugs and pitchers for drinks. After all, clay jugs have been used to store liquids for thousands of years.
Each jug from our collection features an elegant design and is suitable as a pitcher for water, milk or juice. And for country charm, a jug (preferably filled with red wine) and the matching drinking cups. By the way, a jug is a wonderful quick-change artist: filled with fresh spring flowers, the jug enchants with charm and elegance.

Stylish carafes and glasses for festive occasions

Whether dinner, brunch or lunch: Every day can be a festive day. When you are together with your loved ones, a nobly set table and culinary delights cannot be missing. Transform your dining table into a festive landscape of selected elements and delight your eyes and senses. You can set skilful accents with an elegant glass carafe for drinks and the matching drinking glasses.

Table decorations for atmospheric celebrations

Use natural colours and accessories to create a calm, harmonious environment. Use decorations with natural motifs and prefer the colours white, green and brown. Add a glass carafe for the drinks to make the table even more festive. We recommend a water carafe from the LUNGO glass series, which you can complement with matching drinking glasses.
Do you like it dramatic? Then go for contrasts of white and black elements. This will give your table decoration an elegant look and a glamorous touch with a touch of gold. We have a large selection of matching crockery and cutlery. Of course, the appropriate water carafe should not be missing - with the FLOW carafe, it will be golden.

The art of decanting

Wine lovers appreciate the decanter for perfect wine enjoyment. When decanting, you pour the wine from the bottle into a pretty carafe. But why should you decant? For one thing, you separate the wine from the so-called deposit, and for another, you supply oxygen to the wine when decanting. This allows the wine to breathe and fully develop its aroma.

Cheerful country house style

Do you love country house style parties? So do we! That's why our collection includes tableware with a touch of handcrafted rusticity. It goes without saying that jugs, pitchers and mugs are a must. A carafe with a lid is also indispensable for a cosy brunch on the terrace or a hearty garden party. A water carafe with a self-closing lid is particularly functional, as it holds water, ice cubes and fruit or herbs inside the glass vessel. The glass carafe is also perfect for juice, tea or iced tea.

Tips for preparing aromatic water

Adding fresh fruit turns water into a delicious taste experience. Fully ripe fruits are best suited. They are aromatic-sweet and particularly juicy.
Depending on how long the ingredients steep in the water, the flavour will vary in intensity. Close the carafe with the lid during the infusion time so that volatile aromas and essential oils are preserved.
For mint lovers: Try new types and varieties of mint, such as strawberry mint, mojito mint or chocolate mint. Pineapple mint is also worth a try, and this variety is a visual eye-catcher in a pretty planter on the table.
Cleaning glass carafe and decanter properly
Not every carafe should be washed in the dishwasher. Often, gentle cleaning by hand is enough; alternatively, cleaning beads are recommended. You put the small beads into your glass carafe or decanter together with water after use or decanting. Then swirl the vessel and pour out the beads and water over a strainer. After rinsing, the cleaning beads are reusable.

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