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Fire & Flame

Become fire and flame for your garden with blomus

The open glow of fire has a diverse effect on people. In the outdoor area, the open flame is not only a stylish element. It bathes the surroundings in an atmospheric light and at the same time provides a feeling of warmth. Garden torches and garden lights make every evening memorable and pleasant. At the same time, they are a sustainable and stylish alternative to electric lights. At blomus, we focus on high-quality materials, an exclusive design and particularly long durability in the design of our garden torches and wind lights. This turns your garden into a place where you can entertain your guests in a pleasant ambience and spend many tranquil evenings. The materials wood, ceramics and stainless steel are the focus of our design concepts and allow a diverse play with shapes. Of course, we place great emphasis on the long service life of the garden torches and fireplaces during the development process. A high-quality design and long durability make the mobile fireplaces and garden torches ideal for any desired use.

An open fireplace as a light source and eye-catcher

The open fireplaces from our range are more than just a source of light and warmth. They are designed according to modern knowledge and are therefore particularly long-lasting. On a table or a flat surface, they are an ideal point of contrast and illuminate the surrounding area with lively firelight. Whether as a fixed point or as a contrast to the design of the surroundings: an open fireplace is a pragmatic and exclusive solution and has proven itself in everyday use. We rely on materials such as ceramics and stainless steel in the development. This makes the fireplaces particularly resistant and requires only a minimum of maintenance. They can be placed anywhere and are ready for use immediately. This makes them an ideal solution for the garden and other outdoor areas.

The classic garden torch in a new guise

The torch is one of the oldest illuminants and simply everlasting even in our modern times. It is used for illumination and at the same time it is an ideal solution to achieve a maximum effect with simple means. The garden torches by blomus are made of wood and stainless steel. They are quite simply inserted and can be used immediately on any lawn. Maintenance is also very easy. All it takes is regular polishing of the stainless steel and wiping of the wooden shaft with a dry cloth to achieve the longest possible operating life. The pleasant and concentrated light of the torch casts a bright glow and is an ideal complement to the overall lighting concept of the garden area.

Open fire stands for style and elegance

The electric light is bright and ensures good visibility in dark hours. Yet it is the open fire that gives people that cosy feeling of warmth and comfort. For this feeling, we have developed a range of solutions that turn the garden into an individual retreat for guests and secluded evenings. With our garden torches, lanterns and fireplaces, you can design your garden according to your wishes and ideas. Sustainability and longevity are the characteristics of our products that we place the greatest value on and that characterise all our craftsmanship. The timeless and minimalist design complements your garden and allows you to create individual lighting concepts.

Craftsmanship in every detail since 1961

The blomus brand has stood for high quality, craftsmanship and style in every detail since 1961. For the garden, we have realised a comprehensive collection with which we aim to capture and implement individual requirements. You can rely not only on quality, but also on a timeless design. The aim of our collections of garden torches and fireplaces is to realise individual lighting concepts with fire, making your garden and other outdoor areas a beautiful and everlasting place.

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