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Mobil LED table lamp -ANI LAMP- White

€ 119,00



Mobil LED Table Lamp FAROL White

€ 129,00



Mobil LED Light -HOOP- Satellite

€ 149,00



Style for your desk

Inspired by vertical sculptures and the classicmicrophone stand, the Los Angeles (USA) based Design- and Architecture Studio AD Miller created a new, reduced to the essentials, range of lamps.

The range, called STAGE, includes a Desk Lamp and a Floor Lamp. Despite their delicate appearance the LED-lamps stand sturdy on their bases. From bright lights for concentrated working to atmospheric background lighting - the 3 preset brightness levels with an additional dimming function, leave nothing to be desired.

The lamp comes with an oversized circle to adjust the lamp’s angle. With the different angels the lamp can easily be sued for direct or indirect lighting. The lamps come in three different colours.

Working from home

Home Office


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Storage box -PESA- Brown

€ 59,95

€ 44,95



Water carafe -FLOW- Smoke 1100 ml

€ 36,95



Get everything planned

Created by designer Nina Thöming, the KOREO Magnet Board raises your home office to another level. Requirements can be met by hanging them either horizontal or vertical. Magnets are available to match the pleasant look of the items.

Designer Nina Thöming (born 1984) is part of the German design studio Flöz Design, which has been a stable partner to blomus for the past 15 years. With a background in industrial design, Nina Thöming’s work process is thorough and systematic, starting with research and a comprehensive uncovering of the needs and demands of the market followed by the creative process of transforming the acquired knowledge into beautiful yet functional interior items.

Among her well-known products for blomus are the Pilar table line and a series of bathroom items by the name Sono. Her latest design for blomus is a series of pin boards with magnets in a modern design that works perfectly in the home office, on the kitchen wall or in the kid’s room.

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Find our BLACK WEEK deals right here!