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LUA series indoor sofa


New definiton of comfortness

When Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider, the duo behind German design studio kaschkasch, started out designing a new upholstered stand-alone sofa for blomus, their very first thought was to create an explicitly positive piece of furniture. Ideally, the sofa should be an open invitation to relax, and it should instantly remind you of long, lazy weekends or holidays with no particular purpose other than to de-stress. Now, the upshot of their creative endeavour has arrived: the Lua sofa.

A cosy and comfortable piece of modern furniture, Lua lays bare the designers’ fondness for the soft and chubby, yet it still retains the clean and stringent aesthetic that has become the hallmark of blomus. The well-balanced contrast between a defined and precise outer shell, the softly curved back cushion and visibly comfortable seat gives this sofa its very own identity – and with the choice of either an elegant two-seater or a slightly more family-friendly three-seater, it provides a calming space for anyone and everyone.

Lua is available in a range of high-quality textiles by Danish company Kvadrat, as well as a special collection of upholsteries carefully curated by blomus for the new furniture range.

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indoor sofa lua

-LUA- Sofa

2 or 3 seater

Designed by the kaschkasch design studio, the LUA sofa series includes a 2-seater, 3-seater and a matching stool. With their simple elegant form, the sofas have a timeless character, which is proven by the use of high-quality as well as durable materials and components over a long service life. Modern living areas have to meet many demands. For example, they should create a place for communicative exchange as well as for relaxation. Our new TASI and LUA sofa series offer the perfect place for this. Available in 11 different textiles, each in 4 colours, they can be adapted to individual preferences and circumstances. The 2 sizes of cushions are made according to your wishes, regardless of the sofa series. Textile type and colors are absolutely flexible. The chosen fabrics and colors are the same fabrics as for the sofa collections.

The articles of both series are available in 6 different price groups. Detailed information concerning the products is available in the furniture catalogue and on our homepage or contact your local agent. The item codes are generated as follows: Sofa- / Module part no (5-dogit). Fabric code (2-digit. colour code (2-digit) Example: 2-Seater, LUA (66901) Fabric: kvadrat Reflect (.30) Colour: Beige 0204 (.01) = Item Code 66901.30.01

-LUA- series

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barstool, stool, wooden, fsc
barstool, stool, wooden, fsc
barstool, stool, wooden, fsc

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kaschkasch Designer Duo




The German design studio kaschkasch was established in 2011 by Florian Kallus (born 1983) and Sebastian Schneider (born 1985). Since then, the two designers have been a strong voice on the international design scene.

The duo works within the creative fields of art direction, furniture and lighting design, servicing a number of international brands. Kaschkasch is primarily known for simple yet refined designs, and for Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider’s continuous exploration of the interplay between functionality and beauty.


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