Towels, sauna towels or guest towels: all 100% Ökotex Standard

Find textiles for your bathroom or guest toilet. 100% Ökotex and GOTS certified and therefore sustainable and durable - only from blomus


Towels in all sizes and stylish colours for your bathroom.

Absorbent, high quality and fluffy soft - that's blomus towels. With us, you will find towels of the best quality for your bathroom. The selection ranges from guest towels in small sizes and towels for everyday use to large shower towels and bath towels for your bathroom. You can find our towel collections in current seasonal colours as well as in classic and muted colours.

To ensure that a towel serves its purpose for a long time and to your complete satisfaction, quality is essential. At blomus, we rely on high-quality materials and excellent workmanship. All our towels are made of 100 percent cotton according to the Ökotex standard and are carefully woven. Depending on the desired thickness, you can choose the right one for your bathroom from our versatile towel collections - and rely on an absorbent textile and a fluffy soft feel on your skin.

Thick or thinner, smooth or ribbed cotton - which is the right towel for your bathroom?

While for some a towel can't be fluffy enough, others find a short-fibre or ribbed surface in a waffle pattern most comfortable for drying off. In our online shop, we have cotton towels for your bathroom in different weaves and colours, so you can choose your bathroom towel sets according to your taste and in the matching colour.

We also have various collections in different colours for you:

Our CARO collection impresses with its natural feel and its waffle piqué weave structure. With these absorbent towels made of high-quality cotton, drying becomes a pleasant massage.

The RIVA collection is natural and convinces with its dense quality and fluffiness. The towels, from guest towel to bath towel, are made of 100 percent organic cotton and have a pleasant weight of 700 grams per square metre.

KISHO towels are woven according to a special Japanese manufacturing technique. They combine soft terry fabric on one side and an absorbent, fluffy texture on the other side of the towel. So you can choose what does your skin the most good every day.

Our GIO towels are pure luxury for the skin thanks to their fluffy texture. High-quality cotton yarns are woven here to create the best quality terry towels.

In white, black or muted natural shades from agave green to magnetic grey, you can order our towels in various sizes and put together your own personal set for your bathroom.

Size selection

Bath towels/shower towels

  • 140 cm length x 70 cm width (Riva, Caro. Gio)
  • 136 cm length x 69 cm width (Kisho)


  • 100 cm length x 50 cm width (Caro, Riva, Gio)
  • 80 cm length x 34 cm width (Kisho)

Guest towels:

  • 40 cm length x 34 cm width (Kisho)
  • 50 cm length x 30 cm width (set of 2 Riva)
  • 30 cm length x 30 cm width (set of 4 Riva, set of 4 Gio, set of 2 Caro)

Sauna towels

  • 200 cm length x 100 cm width (Riva)

Care tips for your towels

Our towels, guest towels, shower towels and bath towels meet the highest standards when it comes to quality and feel: a fluffy, soft, absorbent fabric made of 100 percent Ökotex cotton dries well, is gentle on the skin and ensures that you will enjoy them for a long time. In addition, you can do yourself and your towels some good with the right care to give them a long shelf life at a fluffy fresh level.

To ensure that you enjoy your towels for a long time, take a look at the care instructions to see whether you should ideally wash them at 40 °C or at 60 °C. Especially if the water contains a lot of lime, make sure you use the right amount of detergent and don't overload the washing machine so that it can take full effect. When drying the towel, plenty of fresh air, drying in the tumble dryer or vigorously shaking out the towel will help the fibres to straighten optimally and not stick together. If your towels have become hard over time due to limescale deposits, soaking them in vinegar water for half an hour will help to loosen them. You can then wash your towels as usual and enjoy soft shower towels, bath towels and guest towels again.

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