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A kitchen is not just a room for cooking. Rather, it is the place where family and friends meet, laugh and have fun. In everyday life, the kitchen is probably the most frequently visited room in the entire home. For our designers, too, the kitchen is always the centre of attention. With our blomus kitchen accessories, we give every kitchen the attention it deserves. Durability and sustainability are the focus of the kitchen accessories from our Kitchen range. An exceptional design that is always oriented towards function is our claim. Immerse yourself in the world of blomus Kitchen!

What kitchen accessories do I actually need in my kitchen?

If you ask kitchen enthusiasts which kitchen utensils are really needed in a kitchen, the answer can quickly be "All of them! Even soberly considered, this question cannot be answered universally, because after all, cooking is always a very individual thing. For some, potholders are indispensable, while others would never want to do without their beloved kitchen roll holder. However, the following products are a must in any well-stocked kitchen:

Cutlery set: With the right cutlery, every meal becomes a pleasure for all the senses. With the MAXIME cutlery set, we have completely reinterpreted the classic among kitchen utensils. Developed for everyday use and the modest ambition to please the eye, the everyday classic should not be missing in any kitchen!
Cutting board: No kitchen functions without suitable bases for chopping, cutting and preparing food. With the Zen series, German designer David Meier has reinvented the chopping board. His interpretation of the kitchen classic can be used in two ways: as a high-quality chopping board on the one hand and as a useful tray on the other.
Tableware: What would a cosy get-together with delicious food be without the right tableware? Simple, stackable and easy to combine with existing tableware is the PILAR tableware series designed by Nina Thoming for blomus. The extremely pleasing, yet always unobtrusive design has taken interior design by storm and we are sure: you too will fall in love with PILAR!

Kitchen gadgets that a good kitchen should not be without

There are many products in the range of a kitchen that go unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of everyday life - but despite their unobtrusive appearance, they have earned their place in the kitchen. Dishtowels and kitchen towels, for example, are used around the cooking area. Bring the inconspicuous kitchen helpers into the limelight. With elegant colouring, outstanding durability and a high-quality mix of materials, our kitchen towels combine design and function. So that you always have the tea towels to hand, take a look at our towel hooks - self-adhesive, durable and in a modern design. Our list of kitchen gadgets that no kitchen should be without can be completed with kitchen roll holders. Of course, you can also simply place your kitchen roll on the worktop or table, but why just "just like that" when it can also be elegant and stylish?

An overview of blomus kitchen accessories

With our range of kitchen accessories and kitchen utensils, we aim to combine exceptional design, quality and functionality in everyday objects. Re-interpreting the classics of the kitchen, transcending familiar boundaries and appearing practical at the same time - that was the task we gave our designers. Classic shapes, natural materials and refined colours that are elegant at all times are the hallmarks of our kitchen accessories. Start your day in the kitchen with a bread basket from the DELARA design series, delight your guests at dinner with cutlery from the MAXIME range or serve your delicacies on SABLO plates. Whether wood or coloured clay, stainless steel or glass: our products will enchant you in no time.

Cleaning tips for kitchen accessories and utensils

Kitchen utensils are not spared. Why should they? After all, kitchen gadgets are supposed to make work in the kitchen easier - and not gather dust in the corner as a decorative object. To ensure that you enjoy the kitchen accessories from our range for a long time, you should consider a few tips.
Wooden chopping boards require intensive care, because unlike products made of plastic, wooden chopping boards cannot be put in the dishwasher and need to be cared for regularly. To keep the wood looking beautiful and well cared for even after many uses, the chopping boards should be treated with oil at least once a month. We recommend linseed oil, which dries very quickly, but olive oil and coconut oil are also excellent for protecting and caring for wooden products.
Although stainless steel cutlery is rustproof and dishwasher-safe, it loses its shine over time without care. In addition, lactic and fruit acids or even table salt attack the surfaces of knives, forks, spoons and the like. Therefore, clean your stainless steel cutlery immediately after use with cold, clear water. When putting cutlery in the dishwasher, please make sure that it does not come into contact with ceramic or porcelain. These materials are harder than stainless steel, so your cutlery may be damaged. If the stainless steel cutlery does get stained, the stains can be easily removed with a microfibre cloth and some stainless steel cleaner. Attention: Never use steel wool or scouring agents with stainless steel cutlery!

High-quality glass is easiest to clean by hand

Although many glasses and glass carafes also tolerate a trip to the dishwasher, uncontrollable movements can easily cause damage. When washing by hand, it is best to use lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Very important: Wash delicate wine glasses one after the other. Several wine glasses together in the sink is almost a guarantee for glass breakage! When drying, make sure you only touch the wine and champagne glasses by the stem. This way you avoid unsightly fingerprints on the glass.
Let our kitchen range inspire you. If you have any questions about our kitchen accessories and utensils, please do not hesitate to contact us. Give us a call or write to us.

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