Practical and decorative: baskets & boxes from blomus

Looking for elegant storage space for small items? A storage box is the ideal solution in the kitchen, bathroom and children's room.

Baskets & Boxes

Baskets and boxes - small things stylishly organised

It is usually the small things in the household for which it is difficult to find an ideal place for storage. Things that you need frequently and always want to have at hand are hidden away in drawers or on shelves. Elegant baskets and boxes in various sizes and shapes offer a practical and decorative solution for organised storage.

Baskets and boxes enrich your home

A stylish storage basket in the living room creates order and at the same time forms a decorative enrichment of the room. Your favourite magazines find a common place in a beautifully designed storage box. Boxes and baskets with lids protect them from dust at the same time. A large, decoratively designed storage basket for magazines and other utensils finds its place on the floor next to the sofa or your favourite armchair. This way, magazines are always at hand or you can simply store your needlework utensils in it, well protected.

In the children's room, there is always a great need for storage space for building blocks, doll clothes and small toys. With friendly storage boxes in different colours, you can help your children keep things tidy.

The hallway, kitchen and bathroom are other rooms in the house where little things traditionally have their place. Shoehorns, gloves, hats and scarves often find it difficult to find a neat place in the hallway. Baskets and boxes in a modern design are ideal for storage. A storage box with a lid is the ideal storage space for typical winter accessories. They are well protected in the summer months and ready to hand in winter.

In the bathroom, baskets and boxes are ideal for stylish storage of cosmetic utensils. A small storage basket holds tubes and bottles and enriches the shelf with its exclusive design. In a decorative laundry basket, dirty laundry finds its place right where it accumulates.

Baskets and boxes have their permanent place in the kitchen. Good organisation of spices, food and kitchen utensils increases the fun of cooking and baking. You can arrange fruit and vegetables appetisingly in an open storage basket. Attractive bread baskets enrich the breakfast table. Practical and easy-care storage boxes keep your cupboard and shelves tidy. In different sizes, baskets and boxes offer storage space for spice shakers, baking ingredients and supplies.

Baskets and boxes - what is the difference?

Traditionally, open, woven containers in various shapes are considered baskets. Occasionally, a storage basket has a lid. In modern usage, open containers made of non-woven materials are also considered baskets. They are made of, among other things:

  • Porcelain or ceramic
  • Plastic
  • Textile fabrics
  • Metal
  • Wood

Characteristic of a basket is an open and air-permeable surface design.

Baskets and boxes differ in that a box consists of a completely closed body. Typical materials for a storage box are plastic, wood or metal. The box protects the contents from contamination by penetrating dust or moisture and at the same time protects the base from escaping dirt. Boxes are often fitted with a lid to protect the contents. Especially as storage space and for organising various small items, the closed box offers an attractive setting.

Exclusive baskets and boxes emphasise a homely ambience

In addition to its practical function, a storage basket with an elegant, modern design enriches your home. In the timelessly elegant and purist style typical of blomus, baskets and boxes are available for use in all living areas or in the office. Bread and fruit baskets made of metal in currently popular colours find their place in the kitchen and living area. Textile inserts ensure that bread crumbs stay in the basket. Wire baskets in many shapes and sizes are characterised by their durability and ease of care. A practical and visually attractive solution for more order in the bathroom are textile baskets made of dirt-repellent textile fabric and elegant boxes made of stainless steel.

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