Set 4 cake forks -STELLA- Colour silver

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  • Item No.: 63950
  • EAN: 4008832774676
  • Color: Silber
  • Material: Stainless steel matt
  • Height: 13 mm
  • Width: 2 mm
  • Length: 155 mm
  • Designer: Theresa Rand
  • Outdoor suitable: No
  • Dishwasher save: Yes
  • Microwavable: No


Product description

Set of 4 Cake Forks

Further Information

Care Instruction:

This cutlery is suitable for use in the dishwasher. Make sure you avoid using powerful or aggressive cleaning substances. Never use wire wool, scouring pads or stiff brushes to remove stubborn marks. These items can damage the surface. When washing by hand, always clean in the direction of the brush or polish. Otherwise scratches may occur. After cleaning, we recommend gently wiping the cutlery dry with a soft cloth in the direction of the brush or polish. However, we advise against polishing these items to preserve the special matte appearance. Stainless steel is a low-maintenance material, but that is not to suggest it requires no care at all. As a result, we recommend rinsing off any acidic food remnants immediately after use. There is a risk of the item rusting due to the impact of the acid on the stainless steel.


-STELLA- Manual, Anleitung

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-STELLA- black Manual, Anleitung

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