Salad bowl -SABLO- Cloud Size M

€ 64,95

  • Cloud

  • Stone

  • Savannah

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  • Handmade & hand-glazed
  • Suitable for dishwashers & microwaves
  • Different Sizes and colours available
  • Easy to clean
  • Minimal colour and shape variations possible


  • Designer: Frederike Martens
  • Item No.: 64161
  • EAN: 4008832787331
  • Color: Cloud
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Height: 75 mm
  • Width: 280 mm
  • Length: 280 mm
  • Size: M
  • Outdoor suitable: No
  • Dishwasher save: Yes
  • Microwavable: Yes

Product description

Gentle and rough - as if water flows over sand. The SABLO ceramic salad bowl is made of a unique mixture of coloured clay, quartz, minerals and oxides. The slightly speckled look harmonises perfectly with the colour combination of grey and beige tones and is haptically enhanced by the partially applied glaze. Due to the colour variations, each piece is unique with a distinct handcrafted appearance. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Sablo consists of a unique mixture of coloured clay, quartz, minerals like calcite as well as oxides. Plates, dishes, cachepots and bowls are made of stoneware, which are moulded in a casting process.
The high temperatures during the firing process make earthenware more stable than clay and less translucent than porcelain. The colours, shapes, appearance of the glaze as well as the overall appearance depend on the firing temperature and duration and vary. As a result, each piece is unique and can have individual structures and shades. Sablo clay is fired at a very high temperature and therefore does not need to be glazed all over.

Designer: Frederike Martens


Trained as an industrial designer with a particular emphasis on glass and ceramics at the Design School in Halle, Germany, Frederike Martens (born 1987) has a rare talent for pure and strikingly simple shapes, and a preference for colours that will stand the test of time. With her impeccable sense of balance and proportion, Frederike work displays a special sensitivity to how materials work, both alone and together. However, for the young designer the practical usability of any given item is equally important. The Sablo tableware line, comprising 18 distinct items, was her first design project for blomus – and has now been followed up by the Ceola vase.
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Further Information

Care Instruction:

Our -SABLO- tabletop range is made of stoneware. The three available colours of the range may beautifully be combined. In general Stoneware is manufactured from clay, quartz or minerals such as calcite and is defined as a group of ceramics products. Stoneware is used to produce plates, dish bowls, cachepots and bowls, moulded at very high temperatures (app 970°C to 1320° C (1778 F to 2408 F) ) using casting techniques. The higher temperatures during the firing process make stoneware more stable than clay and less translucent than porcelain.
The colours depend a lot on the firing temperature and -time, therefore each piece can show individual structures and shades. As stoneware is not watertight in itself, it often is glazed to achieve this state. It is stable and durable. This is also the case with our stoneware range which makes it ideal for everyday use. Nevertheless, it can happen that stoneware articles show a cutlery abrasion. This is not a defect of the product, but a completely natural process, as the glaze was fired at a lower heat than the ceramic underneath.

Use and maintenance:
Our dinnerware is dishwasher safe and can be used in a microwave oven.

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