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Stay, the highly successful outdoor range by German design duo kaschkasch, is growing. An extra set of two comfortable outdoor furniture items have been added for this season – a chic, slightly smaller daybed and a relaxed lounger that is larger than the existing model launched last season.

As with the rest of the series, the two newcomers are made from a high-quality weather-resistant textile that does not fade when exposed to sunlight and is easy to maintain. The modern, minimal design allows for personalization when you add pillows and throws of your choice, and the lightweight materials make the furniture easy to move around to create the ideal outdoor setting on your terrace or in your garden or patio.


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fireplace on stairs



All winter we dream of that moment when we can open the windows and doors and let in the crisp summer breeze. When fruit and vegetables taste of sunshine and love, and the sky is blue all day long. When lazy hot days at the beach await us and life, in general, moves outside with dinners in the garden, drinks by the pool and picnics in the park, all longed-for social staples.

When summer arrives, so does the need to create that perfect setting for gathering with your friends and family. Sprucing up your space – whether it is a balcony, patio, rooftop or garden – is essential for creating that cosy atmosphere we have been yearning for all winter long. With this in mind, we are delighted to present the perfect selection of the best outdoor furniture, lighting and accessories to transform your garden, balcony or outdoor space into the ultimate summer sanctuary – now and for many summers to come.





Summer brings with it a certain set of rites and rituals – and everyone’s are personal and unique. However, for most of us, the onset of summer evokes a longing to get out and, quite literally, move life from the confines of our houses or apartments and out into the open.

The collection of outdoor furniture and accessories by blomus makes it easy to decorate any outdoor space, so that homely feel comes with you. Whether it be the need for extra light over dinner when the sun has set or the desire to stay all day in the shade reading your favourite book, feet up and perfectly relaxed, the collection offers new ways to make your garden, terrace, pool area or patio both a personal and functional extension of your home for those months of the year when life is sweetest under a clear blue sky.


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Let's go outside!

Let's go outside!

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