Cosmetic bin, waste bin and pedal bin for waste in the bathroom or guest WC

Large selection of pedal bins with soft-close technology for bathroom, kitchen and guest WC. Stylish and high quality. Can also be used as a waste bin.

Cosmetic Buckets

Cosmetic bucket inspirations:

Cosmetic bins for your bathroom

From cotton pads to ear sticks to cosmetic wipes: In the bathroom, some things accumulate that become waste and want to be disposed of. Of course, a waste bin for the bathroom does not only have to serve this purpose, but can also blend into the room in an aesthetic design and provide its services as a discreet swing lid bin or pedal bin.

You will find cosmetic bins in various colours to match our design collections for your bathroom. These range from classic white to discreet grey and earth tones to purist stainless steel versions. Depending on the collection, our cosmetic bins for the bathroom are available in both matt and shiny finishes. Compared to a bin with a swing lid, a pedal bin has the advantage that you can open it easily with your foot without having to touch the lid with wet or freshly lotioned hands. This keeps the bin stain-free and the disposal of waste hygienic for you.

From swing top bins to pedal bins: the right bin for your bathroom

You will find our cosmetic bins with different capacities. We have pedal bins in small sizes as well as models with a capacity of three or five litres. They are ideal for disposing not only of smaller objects such as ear sticks, but also larger cream or shampoo bottles. To match our collections for your bathroom, you will also find the corresponding cosmetic bin.

The SONO waste bin is a pedal bin without corners and edges. Its harmonious, rounded shape, which tapers towards the top, is pleasing to the eye. Thanks to the soft close pedal in the same colour as the bin, it can be opened and closed almost silently. The removable inner bin is easy to clean. The cosmetic bin is available with a volume of five litres (height 30.5 cm, animals 29.5 cm, diameter 24 cm) and with a capacity of three litres (height 25.5 cm, depth 24 cm, diameter 20 cm).

The PARA-Line impresses with buckets in a classic, straight-lined design with a matt surface and a foot pedal in the colour of the bucket. Thanks to the Smart Close system, it is easy to open and convenient to close. The PARA waste bin is available in a size of five litres (height 29 cm, width 21 cm, depth 21 cm). A removable inner bin allows for easy-care cleaning.

A classic among the waste bins is the NEXIO. In stainless steel design with a matt or shiny surface and straight-lined design, it fits perfectly in any bathroom. The NEXIO is available with a capacity of 2.5 litres (height 25.5 cm, Ø 17.5 cm), but also in a size of three litres (height 25 cm, width 17 cm, length 23 cm) as well as in the large version with a volume of five litres (diameter 21 cm, height 28 cm, width 28 cm, length 26 cm). A removable bucket makes cleaning easy and convenient.

The MUTO bin has a particularly harmonious design with a straight outer shape and integrated lid with a slight bulge on the inside. The pedal bin works with Smart Close function: you can easily open the bin with the foot pedal and conveniently close it again. A removable bucket is also part of the equipment here. The bin is available with a volume of 5.5 litres (diameter 23.5 cm, 32 cm height, 28 cm length).

The TUBO pedal bin with removable inner bucket measures 27 cm in height, has a diameter of 20 cm and offers space for waste with a total volume of five litres. The variant with three litres has a height of 24.5 cm, a diameter of 17 cm and is just as straightforward in design.

Do you prefer a swing lid bin for easy disposal in your bathroom or a pedal bin that can be opened with the foot? With us, you have the choice and will find the right buckets for your bathroom in our collections in the colours and shapes that you know from our accessories.

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