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Toilet Accessories

Toilet accessories from blomus

Toilet accessories - everything you need for your toilet

Toilet accessories and bathroom accessories make your home more beautiful and homely. Accessories like a toilet set, a brush or a toilet paper holder are standard in every bathroom. Other products such as individually designed toilet lids have more of a decorative character. They primarily improve the appearance, but also increase the practical benefit and the feel-good factor through the use of high-quality materials. With us, you can find out which points you should pay attention to when buying toilet accessories.

Which products are particularly popular in the WC accessories category?

Let your bathroom and your quiet little place shine in new splendour with the help of the high-quality accessories from the blomus shop. The following bathroom and toilet accessories are particularly practical and popular with many of our customers:
Bathroom accessories set, consisting of brush holder, soap dispenser and toothbrush tumbler.

  • Toilet butler or toilet set with brush
  • Roll holder and toilet paper holder
  • Wet wipe box
  • Towel holder

What are the advantages of the different materials for toilet accessories?

Upgrade the look and function of your toilet at home or the guest bathroom in the office. With us you will find the matching bathroom accessories made of high-quality materials.
WC and bathroom articles are usually made of glass, stainless steel or plastic. The materials used each offer you their own advantages, which we would like to present to you in this overview:

Hooks, towel rails and other accessories are preferably made of stainless steel or chrome-plated metal. The material shines after every cleaning and thus always ensures a clean impression in the bathroom and WC.
Glass is an ideal material for shelves. When well cared for, glass is very durable and impresses with its sober, elegant design.
Polyresin is a plastic that is often used for accessories and toilet lids. The high-quality material has a high decorative potential. Accessories made of polyresin are available in many different colours and, for example, in a stone look.
Polystyrene is another plastic that is ideal for toilet sets. Products made of polystyrene are easy to clean, stable, inexpensive and above all practical.
Decorative accessories for your WC

Even though the toilet is usually the smallest room in the house, we like to make ourselves comfortable there. After all, we often visit it several times a day and spend a little time there. First and foremost, the fittings should be easy to clean in order to give a well-kept impression. However, this does not mean that the toilet and bathroom cannot also be decorated. Decorative toilet accessories make the stay in the toilet more pleasant and give the room its own charm. Because every bathroom is different, there is also a versatile interior and different toilet accessories to suit every style. Let our range inspire you and find your very own toilet accessories, from soap pumps and toilet paper holders to toilet sets and brushes with high-quality, stylish holders.

Practical accessories for every bathroom and toilet

For most people, a clean toilet is essential. To ensure this at all times, you will find practical toilet accessories in our shop. A toilet brush should be part of the basic equipment so that every toilet user can ensure that they leave the toilet just as clean as they found it. Because practicality can also be visually appealing, we offer you a stylish range of sets and holders for toilet brushes so that the rather unsightly brush can be neatly stored away. This way, your toilet will always look neat and tidy.
Most of our accessories are made of stainless steel. This makes them very durable and also extremely practical to clean. In addition, you will also find matching soap pumps, toilet roll holders or guest towel holders in a matching look, so that everything merges into a beautiful overall impression.

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