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Cutlery sets from blomus: Design and functionality for more enjoyment at the table

With the blomus cutlery sets, every meal becomes a real experience. Knife, fork or spoon: The eye always eats with you! Be inspired by our designer cutlery and go for high-quality stainless steel, discreet, timeless shapes and a perfectly balanced enjoyment experience in a class of its own. Of course, each of our cutlery sets can be easily expanded and combined with each other.

Which cutlery set do I need for which occasion?

In the past, it was clear that silver cutlery had to be on the table for festive occasions. However noble the knives, spoons and forks may appear, caring for the cutlery is anything but easy. Since silver alone would be too soft, the cutlery is alloyed with copper. This makes the silver harder, but unfortunately also more sensitive. If you do not use the cutlery for a long time or store it incorrectly, the metal can oxidise, get dark spots or lose its shine.

With our STELLA and MAXIME cutlery sets, we have developed worthy successors to the time-honoured silver classic. Our material of choice is stainless steel. The metal is rustproof, insensitive and enriches your table both in everyday life and on special occasions. The STELLA cutlery set is a timelessly beautiful, minimalist cutlery made of matt stainless steel - and now also available in an elegant black version. Timelessly tasteful, but never boring and predictable - the cutlery set designed by Theresa Rand for blomus and awarded with the German Design Award 2020 embodies the style and vision of blomus like hardly any other kitchen utensil. The MAXIME cutlery, also from Theresa Rand's think tank, is the unmistakably feminine interpretation of a cutlery classic. With supple plastic handles made of POM (polyoxymethylene), a technical high-performance plastic, and combined with matt stainless steel, the MAXIME series offers a pleasant feel and the greatest durability. You will find cutlery for every occasion at blomus.

How many pieces should a good cutlery set have?

A good cutlery set should provide at least one knife, one fork, one spoon and one teaspoon for each member of the household. The blomus cutlery sets are designed with 16 pieces and thus provide enough cutlery for a maximum of four people. However, we recommend that you keep one additional piece of cutlery per person in stock. This way you can dine in style even when the dishwasher is running - or when guests arrive for a spontaneous dinner.

What should I look out for when buying cutlery?

To ensure that you enjoy your new cutlery set for a long time, you should definitely pay attention to the care instructions before buying. For example, our STELLA cutlery made of matt stainless steel is dishwasher-safe, but not dishwasher-safe. This means that the cutlery can easily withstand the odd dishwasher cycle - but not in the long term. The same applies to our MAXIME cutlery. In addition to care, the look of the cutlery also plays a major role in choosing the right cutlery for your table. The blomus cutlery sets have been deliberately designed to be discreet and unobtrusive, so that they can easily be combined with almost all existing place settings. Whether you prefer the feel of plastic handles or stainless steel is your own individual matter. We find that both materials have their advantages. While stainless steel exudes a touch of elegance with its smooth, metallic-cool surface, plastics such as POM flatter your hands every time you reach for the cutlery.

Can I also add to the cutlery sets later?

All the pieces from the blomus cutlery sets are of course also available individually. If your family grows or you would like to invite your friends and relatives to dinner more often in the future, you can always purchase knives, forks and spoons from the STELLA or MAXIME series at a later date in our shop. By the way: even a combination with already existing cutlery is absolutely no problem thanks to the simple and at the same time noble optics.

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