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What is a home? While the dictionary definition may be straightforward and simple, to most people the meaning is intriguingly more complex. Home is not solely about the physicality of a building, space or structure; rather, it represents an emotional sentiment. Home can be the arms of the person you feel closest to, or it can be a community that includes you when you most need it. Home can be the intangible feeling you get in a certain space; a distinct sense of peace and belonging, or a natural inclination to just sit down and ’be’. But even though home may not always be easy to define in just a few words, one thing is certain: you always know it when you find it.

We are fortunate to be let into homes all over the globe, and no matter the type, location or space, our aim is to contribute positively to that special sense of safety and ease, tranquillity and wellbeing. The blomus DNA is all about simple living and easyto- use design that you will want to keep close to and never let go of. We are conscious of the fact that being part of people’s physical surroundings day in and day out comes with a sense of great responsibility.

This season, we are stepping into a brand-new terrain: furniture design. We are happy to be able to launch three new series of chairs, sofas and pouffes that will work as harmonious ensembles in the living room or lounge, or as significant stand-alone pieces in the bedroom, kitchen or hall. And as with any blomus item, these new pieces of furniture are the end result of a lengthy creative process and endless conversations about function, aesthetics and style, along with a relentless effort to get a shape, a material or a seemingly insignificant detail just right. Because it matters who and what you invite into your private world – after all, to most people, home is not just a space. It’s a feeling.



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If you don't know your past, you will get lost in the future


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Not just a table

The traditional Japanese artform origami was the creative point of departure for German designer Robin Scholtysik when he designed his new side table for blomus – named Oru. Based on the precise folding of intricate figures out of paper, the table consists of thin, powder-coated, steel sheets which – when put together – create a three-dimensional shape, while cut-out joints reveal important little details, such as opposing radii and delicately curved interfaces.

The construction of Oru is just as smart and simple as its design. The table can be assembled without any tools, and its modest weight adds to its portability, meaning it can fit into almost any corner of the modern home – be it as an up-to-date night stand or a simple coffee table by the sofa. The Oru side table comes in two different sizes and in both an all-black and a Burnt Metal version.

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