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Light and warmth in every situation

When it gets dark in the evening, you want to offer your guests a cosy atmosphere. The classic candle has proven itself here. It provides a pleasant and warm light. This lifts the mood, increases the cosiness factor and makes the rooms and the outdoor area even cosier. So that the candles can unfold their full luminosity and radiance, lanterns have been developed in a wide variety of colours and shapes. They are lanterns made of glass, which protects the flame. With an exclusive design as well as their practical construction, lanterns allow the candle to burn without disturbance. The lanterns can be used in many different ways, both indoors and outdoors. High-quality lanterns from blomus make all the difference and ensure that every garden party is a success.

A blend of glass and craftsmanship

The classic lantern consists of a substructure and an enclosure made of glass. This is to protect the sensitive flame of the candles from external influences and to intensify the lighting effect even more. The base or the holder of the lantern can be made of different materials. At blomus, we focus on stylish elements that are unobtrusive and yet add a substantial element to a room and garden. We have deliberately kept the selection of shapes varied, because every room should be able to have its very own character. From high-quality candlesticks to simple lanterns for tea candles for the table, you have a wide selection of individual solutions for everyday life in our shop. Traditional craftsmanship is combined by us with modern materials. This creates a mixture that provides the desired effect in every situation.

A lantern can be used everywhere

The cosy glow of a candle has a very special effect on people. It conveys warmth and cosiness and at the same time offers the advantage of stylish lighting. To make the most of this effect, we at blomus rely on exclusive design and high-quality materials when developing our lanterns. In doing so, we make sure that our lanterns can be used in really any situation. The lanterns from blomus can be used as stylish room decorations as well as a stylish element of outdoor lighting at the table or on the edge of a social gathering. As a classic element of room and outdoor decoration, lanterns have been indispensable for centuries. We try to take this into account and focus on timeless design, high-quality and sustainable materials and, ultimately, a high level of longevity through traditional craftsmanship.

Designing rooms with light with blomus

Interior design has an almost infinite number of facets. An important component is always the light factor. With the right lighting, every room is made to shine, it can appear cosy, offer a place of retreat or invite people to socialise together. The decisive factor is always the location of the light, but also the use of the right type of lighting. High-quality wind lights from blomus combine an exclusive and individual design with maximum efficiency. From simple table lanterns with tea lights for the patio to table chandeliers and floor lamps, you will find a wide range of different options for all areas of life. In this way, you can realise a lighting concept in your premises that is tailored to your wishes and ideas. The high level of craftsmanship at blomus is the key to individual lighting concepts and ensures the right lighting in every season.

Exclusive and there for you since 1961

Craftsmanship and the design of interiors and exteriors have a tradition that goes back to antiquity. Since 1961, we at blomus have been trying to combine the demands of the modern age with the dreams of the past. This results in creations that are convincing in terms of quality and design and bear witness to our passion for high-quality products. This also applies to our collection of lanterns, which combines a timeless purpose with a modern design.

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