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Please take a seat

When Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider, the duo behind German design studio kaschkasch, started out designing a new upholstered stand-alone sofa for blomus, their very first thought was to create an explicitly positive piece of furniture. Ideally, the sofa should be an open invitation to relax, and it should instantly remind you of long, lazy weekends or holidays with no particular purpose other than to de-stress. Now, the upshot of their creative endeavour has arrived: the Lua sofa.

A cosy and comfortable piece of modern furniture, Lua lays bare the designers’ fondness for the soft and chubby, yet it still retains the clean and stringent aesthetic that has become the hallmark of blomus. The well-balanced contrast between a defined and precise outer shell and the softly curved back cushion and visibly comfortable seat gives this sofa its very own identity – and with the choice of either an elegant two-seater or a slightly more family-friendly three-seater, it provides a calming space for anyone and everyone.

Lua is available in a range of high-quality textiles by Danish company Kvadrat, as well as a special collection of upholsteries carefully curated by blomus for the new furniture range.



Wooden dreams

No material is more natural and versatile than wood. For ages, mankind has been using wood to make all the small and large things we need to live. Or that simply make life more beautiful. In our time, wood has once again become the focus of attention. Sustainable, renewable, climate-friendly and durable: wood is the material that fits into our modern world like no other.

We at blomus also want to give this natural material the attention it deserves. With our completely new collection of indoor furniture, we bring together craftsmanship, design and functionality. From small stools to side tables, you can look forward to many exciting innovations in the field of wooden furniture made by blomus in 2022.

The reduced, always to the point look of the wooden furniture fits seamlessly into minimalist, purist and tidy living environments. The natural tones of the wood contrast strongly with grey and white tones and harmonise perfectly with simple decoration or modern lighting ideas.

Interior for your living room

stylish and minimalistic



Less is more

The world is getting faster and faster. And more and more stuffed with things that we don't really need. Let's free ourselves from the burden of the unnecessary, the ballast of the past. High-quality uniqueness, individualism in the small details and consistent renunciation of everything that is dispensable: absolute minimalism replaces the opulence of days long gone. Next summer will be purist - and anything but boring. Modern, high-quality ambience holds back to reveal a few, but all the more carefully selected things that express individuality. And exude joie de vivre. And even outside, on the terrace, balcony or in the garden, filigree structures catch the eye and guide it to objects that are almost too beautiful to "only" function. Like the -ASHI- fireplace accessory by blomus: a design highlight and an extremely practical helper at the same time. 

On the terrace or in the garden, the feeling of Easy Living can be enjoyed without limits in summer. Put your feet up, soak up the warm rays of the sun, simply relax. STAY is the blomus series that makes seating furniture incredibly comfortable and so good-looking. Robust materials withstand UV radiation for years. Even raindrops cannot harm our STAY seating furniture. Even the wet and cold autumn or an icy winter need not keep you from relaxing on STAY seating furniture. Because STAY not only cuts a fine figure outdoors, but also in the living room or conservatory. In combination with the matching lighting -ANI LAMP- you won't even want to get up. Just STAY.

Purist and clean, but not particularly homely: there are plenty of prejudices against a minimalist furnishing style. Yet it is precisely in minimally furnished living spaces that a very special, cosy feeling can be achieved. The secret lies in the right lighting. With graceful lanterns or a filigree-looking, high-quality floor lamp -STAGE- you can really play with light. Warm white colours conjure up an atmosphere reminiscent of soft candlelight. Dimmed down, the light sources immerse puristically furnished rooms in almost magical light and invite you to dream, linger and relax.




More durable than mohair, yet smoother than silk and softer than any other material, cashmere is celebrated as one of the most exclusive fibres in the world. Now, blomus launches an Italian-made throw in a luxurious, scratch-free, cashmere and merino wool blend, which is available in five timeless colours – a soft beige, a gentle brown and three shades of everlasting gray.


Owing to the lightness of the material, along with its exceptional, natural insulating properties, cashmere is the obvious choice not only for stylish sweaters but also for soft and durable home accessories such as throws, which will keep you snug and warm in your chair or sofa whenever you take some time out for a moment of relaxation.