Champagne and sparkling wine glasses, mouth-blown champagne flutes by blomus

Mouth-blown glasses for every occasion, whether it's New Year's Eve, a birthday or an anniversary: here you will find stylish glasses for your celebration

Champagne Glasses

Sparkling wine and champagne glasses for festive moments

Light and fresh, the drink sparkles in the champagne glasses designed exclusively for blomus. The designer Frederike Martens convinces with her glass series not only with its modern design, but also with her fine feeling for light tasting and fine bubbly enjoyment. In them, the aroma of noble sparkling wines can unfold perfectly and slowly fade away with great reverberation.

Coloured glass in classic design

The sparkling wine and champagne glasses are made for dense wines with tannin and fruit, but also for slender-tasting premium drinks. The best glassmaking art is combined in these glasses with a unique event and festive atmosphere. The wide goblet base with a pearl point ensures particularly intense aroma experiences and tempts the eyes to follow the tiny pearls on their way up. The bubbling wines become an explosion of all the senses and excellently support the respective characters of the selected wines.

Optimal lines and a multifaceted play of colours

The tall glasses have good stability. They promote the freshness of champagne in the reverberation and adorn the fruit accentuation in sparkling wine. The well-balanced sparkling wine and champagne glasses with a good mouth width lie easily in the hand, show good balance and bundle the aromatics in a distinctive design. Prosecco, Riesling sparkling wine, young prestige cuvées or complex champagnes nuance harmoniously on the palate and savour all facets. Due to the shape of these sparkling wine and champagne glasses, the acid sensation is somewhat restrained. The feel and stylish design ensure a balanced impression of the chosen sparkling wine. To transport the aromas safely to the nose, the champagne glasses should be filled almost halfway. The mouth-blown glass series from blomus is versatile and the optimal mouth means they bring out both fruity and mineral aspects well.

Champagne is a sign of joie de vivre

We should all drink more champagne, which of course includes sparkling wines, champagne and Blanc de Blanc. It is not only the festive occasions for which champagne and champagne glasses are used. Champagne always goes, because it invigorates and fogs at the same time. What has been stored for years underground in time-honoured oak barrels finds its way to meaningfulness and transcendence. The sparkling drink does not stain red wine and brings a flirting advantage. It is not only delicious, but also uncomplicated - especially when the noble sparkling wine gives the feeling that every day is a festive day. The bubbles are one of the most important aspects of a great bottle of champagne. There are said to be over 20 million of them - per glass! The perfect sparkling wine and champagne glasses enhance the effervescence of the bubbles and thus also the unique taste. Champagne means life, love, pleasure and enjoyment. Time to treat yourself to a glass again!

Aromatic fruit and tannin in the right glass

The nose should always protrude slightly above the top rim of the sparkling wine and champagne glass. The exclusively mouth-blown glasses were designed by Frederike Martens, exclusively for blomus. We attach great importance to craftsmanship and to shapes that are specially adapted to the needs of the contents, and this is also the case with our champagne and sparkling wine glasses. Lovers of fine bubbly wines know perfectly well that the nose can absorb the aromas in a concentrated way through the glass goblet, which tapers towards the top. Sparkling occasions with higher-quality sparkling wines of all kinds require slow moussing of the noble beverage. The integrated bubble point deep in the base of the glass supports the transport of the fine bubbles with gentle ease. The drawn stem is particularly long and fine, which makes the champagne glasses extraordinarily elegant. The flowing transition to the coloured goblet sets visual accents and turns wines into aromatic overall experiences - moments in which the aroma molecules tickle the nose, the bouquet provides fragrance and the aftertaste exudes liveliness.

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