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Bottle openers and wine openers for drinking pleasure

Bottle openers for crown caps and wine openers or corkscrews for the cork in a wine bottle are utensils that belong to the basic equipment of every household. It doesn't matter whether you want to treat yourself to a beer or a fine wine at the end of the day: With the right tool, opening the beer bottle or wine is a breeze and succeeds without damaging the bottle, the bottle neck or the contents. At blomus, you will find a large selection of bottle openers and wine openers for removing corks and crown caps, in addition to many other useful and attractive kitchen utensils. The range extends from openers for domestic use to professional use in the catering trade. Some pieces also make good stylish decorative items, for example in the house bar.

Different types of wine openers

Just like bottle openers, corkscrews are available in countless different designs. The spectrum ranges from simple to pompous. The simplest and probably best-known form of wine opener is the T-corkscrew, which consists of a simple cross-handle with a helix that is driven into the cork to pull it out of the bottle neck by muscle power.
Wing corkscrews are also very common as wine openers. With these, the cork is pulled out of the wine bottle almost effortlessly with the help of two levers on the sides of the opener. Wing corkscrews are also called lever corkscrews and are particularly suitable for home use and for convenient, quick opening of wine bottles. There are also single-arm lever corkscrews on the market. You can either mount them firmly on a table or carry them as a handy, mobile version.
If you want to free the neck of your wine bottle from the cork in a particularly comfortable way, you can use a pneumatic corkscrew or an electric corkscrew. A sommelier's knife or waiter's knife combines the functions of a bottle opener and wine opener in a single practical tool, which is characterised by its handiness and fits comfortably in any pocket.
When choosing your wine opener, not only the pure functionality but also the appearance plays an important role, because friends of good wine are not only interested in the simple uncorking of the wine bottle, but also in aesthetics. High-quality wine openers are often collectors' items and come in an attractive design or as a set with other accessories.

Different types of bottle openers

Conventional bottle openers or cap lifters all work according to the same principle: the lever principle. With the help of such a bottle opener, you lever the crown cork off the neck of the bottle with just one movement. Simple bottle openers are usually made of plastic or metal and serve a purely functional purpose. The shape and size of these simple bottle openers can vary, but they usually fit easily in a trouser pocket or even on a key ring.
More elaborate examples of bottle openers are the wall bottle openers. They are firmly attached to the kitchen or living room wall or in the house bar and are thus guaranteed never to get lost. In addition to their function as bottle openers, these wall-mounted bottle openers often serve as decorative furnishings and party highlights. Often, wall bottle openers are designed in an appealing vintage design and decorated with humorous sayings or pictures.
In addition, there are also bottle openers that can be used not only to remove the crown cork from the bottle, but can also be used to temporarily reseal the bottle neck.

What are the advantages of a high-quality bottle opener/wine opener?

If you treat yourself to the luxury of a high-quality wine opener or bottle opener, you will not only save yourself a lot of trouble, but you can usually also enjoy it for a long time. Mechanical openers made of stainless steel and high-quality wooden handles are almost indestructible and last practically a lifetime.
Thanks to ingenious lever solutions, you save yourself the effort otherwise required when opening the wine, which also means that the cork can be removed more safely from the neck of the bottle without breaking and, in the worst case, ruining the wine.

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