Wine glasses for enjoyable experiences with all the senses

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Wine glasses for enjoyable experiences with all the senses

Design wine glasses for time with familiar people

Aesthetics for perfect wine enjoyment - that was exactly the task for designer Frederike Martens. An exclusive glass series that represents the need for enjoyment in perfect form. We asked her for the language of things, and she succeeded in creating a series of red wine and white wine glasses that are a treat for the senses. These are addressed with every bottle of wine and must be transferred to the glass. All that you smell, sense, see, experience and feel when opening the wine bottle is transferred into the wine glasses by blomus. With a lot of love and passion, the designer from Halle has created a combination full of special magic. Glass visions have been created with coloured glass goblets and transparent bases. Characterised by delicate silhouettes, elegant nuances and gently rounded edges, the wine glasses achieve their own language. The pouring of wine becomes an extravagant experience.

Enjoying wine with a traditionally crafted glass

White wine glasses need a fine mouth rim, a thin stem and a beautiful sound. The adapted glass shape emphasises what is special in each white wine and primarily exudes the fragrance of the wine via the so-called aroma channel. The taste effect of a wine is decisively dependent on the wall thickness of the white wine glasses. You can feel the sweetness and acidity gently tickling the tip of your tongue. The extra-thin glass supports the flow behaviour and the texture of white wines shimmers delicately at the rim of the goblet. The uncompromising height of the white wine glasses is suitable for young and mature white wines. Despite their lightness, the designer white wine glasses are hard-wearing. To transport the interplay of aroma, taste and mouthfeel to the messenger centre of the brain, red wine needs the right red wine glass. Red wine glasses by Frederike Martens show respect for great grape varieties, deep slopes and the setting sun, which the grapes can enjoy for a long time. The attention passes from each bottle to the red wine glasses and there is even more drinking pleasure. The glasses for red wine have a slightly curved shape at the belly of the glass, which concentrates the bouquet optimally.

Every occasion calls for the right wine glasses

Wine glasses give the wine air and space to breathe and allow it to attract attention in style. Aromatic overall experiences are multi-layered, just like our wine glasses made of crystal glass. Crystal glass invites intensive swirling and supports the richness of flavour of the most diverse grape varieties. Wine glasses made of crystal glass originate from a long-standing art of craftsmanship that has its origins in the most traditional and best glass manufactories in the world. The designer focuses on quality and individuality in the glass series for blomus. Each wine glass is mouth-blown by craftsmen, transparent in the base and with a coloured glass belly. The long-standing tradition of crystal glass is shown here in incomparable brilliance and enduring design. The wine glasses can be combined in many ways and are just as suitable for sophisticated table decorations as for the glass of wine in the evening that relaxes you after a long day.

Modern and elegant design for the table

Light glasses, red wine glasses and white wine glasses, with thin stems, a beautiful sound and impressive colouring are an integral part of every wine enjoyment. No matter whether the occasion is festive, family or solo. From now on, you drink wine with all your senses. Red wine glasses bear witness to elegance and minimalist form. Red wine glasses are held by the stem, which makes them easier to swirl. This is important so that the wine can fully develop in the glass in interaction with oxygen. In this way, more aromas reach the brain and the wine appears more expressive and open-minded. White wine glasses with their fine rim are ideal for absorbing the primary aromas and driving the aroma compendium to maximum bloom. Their very round goblet and narrower opening are attuned to fine aromas and light bodies. The long-stemmed wine glasses from blomus bring elegance and uniqueness to every table and festive table. The optimal height of the glasses favours the air supply, which makes every wine tasting an experience, whether white or red wine.

  • Exclusive design by Frederike Martens
  • Red wine glasses with generous goblets
  • White wine glasses preserve floral aromas
  • Each wine glass mouth-blown by craftsmen
  • Weightless glass design

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