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Stylish drinking vessels, tea or coffee pots made of ceramic or stainless steel. Many colours available. Buy tableware by blomus now.

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Pitchers and jugs for stylish table culture

Our teapots give tea plenty of room to unfold. Their bulbous shape contributes to the optimal enjoyment of tea, because a wide and round belly supports the development of the aromas best. Especially green teas, oolong, black tea and pu-erh become a pleasure in ceramic teapots from blomus. Large-leaf teas also unfold particularly well in the bulbous teapots in our collection. You are sure to taste the difference at the first sip. The open pores of the ceramic support the intense flavour of the tea and thus have a flavour-enhancing effect over time. The use of a suitable teapot is therefore essential for good tea enjoyment. With really hot water, the molecules can move faster and the substances bound in the tea leaves enrich the drink. In the PILAR and RO teapots, it is not only the tea that stays nice and warm and full of flavour. The pleasant feel is wonderfully soft on the skin, and the timeless colours Sharkskin, Mourning Dove, Nimbus Cloud, Mirage Gray, Agave Green, the popular Moonbeam and Pewter appeal to the senses.

Stylish kitchen accessories from blomus

As a leading brand for design-oriented home accessories, we are always thinking of something new. The PILAR teapots, just like other pieces in the collection, were designed by Nina Thöming from the German design studio Flöz Design. The focus of the design is the easy handling of the tableware and the excellent combinability. The tableware is stackable and convinces with its unobtrusive design. The teapot is matt on the outside and shiny on the inside, it can be cleaned in the dishwasher and is another element of the functional furnishings by Nina Thöming. But there is much more to discover in this category - such as carafes, jugs as well as various pitchers for cold and hot drinks.

Simple elegance and matt outer surfaces

The light beige of the Moonbeam jug from the PILAR tableware range by Nina Thöming seems to shine. Yet its matt exterior is discreetly restrained. Nevertheless, like the other teapots, teapots and jugs in the series, it manages to skilfully draw attention to itself. The teapots and jugs from blomus exude a simple elegance, and the shiny interior glaze sets accents. The teapots present themselves with a discreet design language and offer an elegant basis for the next family gathering - just like the jugs from the SABLO range. The young tableware line was designed by Frederike Martens. The subtle colour variations, the partially applied glaze and the slightly speckled look are striking. For SABLO, the designer relies on the colours Savannah, Stone and Cloud. They represent the gentle yet rough climate by the sea, where water flows over sand. With the individual colour variations, each piece is as unique as a wave on the ocean. All you have to do is enjoy the drinks.

The RO teapot made of the finest porcelain

Japanese tea ceremonies inspired the designer Theresa Rand in the design of the teapot RO. The word Ro comes from Danish and stands for serenity. Tea rituals in Japan are the epitome of tradition and purity. The unconventional RO teapot is the jewel of the collection and finds a comforting symbiosis of Japanese aesthetics and Danish minimalism. In 2020, the RO series won the German Design Award. Theresa Rand creates graceful and strongly feminist designs that are characterised by classic shapes and refined colours. The distinctly feminine porcelain jug was the first piece in the collection and the starting point for the other tableware pieces. They all stand for contemplation and inner collection. Sinking into your own dreams and thoughts is child's play with the porcelain teapot in Sharkskin, Mourning Dove and Nimbus Cloud. Enjoy your drinks in soothing surroundings made from lovingly designed materials.

Design-oriented teapots and pitchers

Teapots and pitchers by Frederike Martens, Nina Thöming and Theresa Rand. Feminine teapots in stylish colour nuances. Pitchers made of ceramic and porcelain, matching the RO tableware series

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