Tea cups or coffee cups for hot drinks from blomus

Suitable for every occasion: Coffee and tea cups for handmade ceramics from blomus.

Coffee- & Tea Cups

Pretty ceramic mugs with handles for every occasion in a timeless design.

The colours and design language of our tableware are true classics.

A pretty coffee cup or a coffee mug with a saying not only puts you in a good mood. Almost all of us have that one favourite cup from which we particularly enjoy drinking coffee. Coffee cups with saucers or tea cups are as individual as people themselves. With the new coffee cups and saucers from blomus, created by selected designers, coffee tastes even better.

Coffee cups and saucers in exclusive design

The word "keramos" comes from ancient Greek and means "fired clay". Our experts have packaged this clay in a unique design, which on the one hand feels like porcelain, but on the other hand keeps the coffee hot longer thanks to its strong outer wall. The good insulating effect of thick-walled ceramic is a quality feature of the new coffee cups from blomus. Other aspects of the coffee cups and coffee mugs are the timeless style and the expressive colours such as Mirage Gray, Moonbeam or Agave Green, which will appeal to you. These and other colours fit harmoniously into the interior and can be wonderfully combined with each other - coffee in its most beautiful form.

Ceramics made of clay, quartz, minerals and oxides - pure nature

Sustainability concerns us all. That's why we at blomus use natural materials for our tableware series. Ceramics are produced without petroleum and do not require any other scarce raw materials. Minerals such as clay, loam and quartz sand are the main components of this environmentally friendly material. Ceramic products have an advantage both in the extraction of the raw materials and in their production. What's more, they can last a lifetime - especially when it comes to timeless classics like our coffee cups, espresso cups, coffee mugs and tea cups with saucers. The distinctive handcrafted appearance is evident, for example, in the SABLO series and its lightly speckled texture. The coffee cup or tea cups with saucers are available in a practical set of 2. The espresso cup is small, fine and has a handle. The mug is available with or without a handle and the thermo mug for coffee or tea, designed by Frederike Martens, is particularly heat-insulating.

Ceramic tableware and cups

Sharkskin, Mourning Dove and Nimbus Cloud stand for the earthy colours of the RO series. The classics of cultivated table culture are glossy glazed, convince with a pleasant feel and show themselves in the best mood for combinations at the table. Dark grey, medium grey and light grey in the most beautiful purity and classic style enhance every table. The coffee cups have a heart-shaped handle that looks delicate and robust at the same time. Its upright shape invites you to take the next sip. The small saucer offers support and implements a contrasting look. The tea cups are somewhat flatter, but with a wide diameter. Here, too, the heart-shaped handle stands out as a practical accessory, but the tea cups can also be held completely in the hand. This way, the hot tea warms the hands and they in turn keep the tea warm for longer - a team effort crowned by a pleasant feel.

Double-walled thermal coffee mugs made of glass

Glass is also one of the environmentally friendly materials, as it is made from natural raw materials and can be reused several times. But before recycling comes enjoyment, and this is evident in the double-walled glass for our coffee and cappuccino thermal mugs from the NERO series. Even coffee's little friend, the espresso, gets a thermal glass. All models have no handle, but the glass warms the hands and the espresso warms the soul. Latte macchiato glasses are also found in the NERO tableware series and are also made of double-walled glass. The focus of attention here is clearly on the contents, the Germans' favourite drink. Sometimes with, sometimes without milk, with a foam crown or black as night: you will always find the right glass in the tableware series. The coffee tastes even better and the glasses and cups look chic to boot.

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