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Outdoor chairs and stools for the outdoors

If you are looking for new garden chairs or stools in an attractive design and excellent quality, you have come to the right place in the blomus online shop. We have been active in this field for years and have a wide variety of models in our range. Take your time and make the right choice. Of course, you can always contact us if you need help and are looking for outdoor furniture, for example.

What should you look for when buying outdoor chairs and stools?

Besides the design, there are other aspects to consider when buying, which we will now present to you in more detail. You will also find out everything you need to know about the care and cleaning of metal and plastic garden chairs for outdoor use.

The GS mark
Outdoor chairs should always offer the highest level of safety. Therefore, when buying, make sure that a GS mark is present. The abbreviation stands for tested safety and proves that the furniture has been tested in this respect and has passed the test in all categories. When it comes to products from other European countries, you may find a CE seal on the outdoor chairs instead of the GS mark. It is just as meaningful and also confirms that the product is safe.

Non-slip feet
Non-slip feet ensure that the outdoor furniture is always securely in place. They do not slip easily and you enjoy complete safety during use. For this purpose, rubber studs are usually attached to the lower end of the feet to ensure a good grip.

What materials are outdoor chairs made of?

Another, also very important aspect is the materials the outdoor stool is made of. Very often, stools are made of metal, plastic or wood. Sometimes a deliberate mix of materials is used, in which the materials mentioned are combined with each other. In this way, the advantages can be used in the best possible way. Outdoor chairs and stools made of metal that can be stacked after use are also very practical. This means they take up very little space outdoors and can be stored in the garage or garden shed.

Stools and garden chairs made of wood, on the other hand, look very natural and, thanks to their design, provide an eye-catcher everywhere. However, please note that you should maintain them regularly to make them weatherproof. This is usually not necessary with metal and plastic versions. Which garden chairs you ultimately choose depends on your personal preferences. In our online shop you will find versions made of plastic as well as wood and metal.

Care and cleaning tips for outdoor chairs

Outdoor chairs and stools should be cleaned and cared for regularly. This is especially true for wooden versions. At the end of the garden season, remove any dirt with a soft cloth and a little soapy water made from natural soap. On the other hand, do not use a microfibre cloth for this purpose. This can remove oil from the wood, and this should of course be avoided. After cleaning, rub the garden chairs with a dry cloth. In this way, you prevent the soapy water from remaining on the seats.

Furniture and outdoor chairs made of plastic and metal, on the other hand, are not as sensitive and can stand outside in the rain without any problems. If you discover dirt on them, remove it with a damp cloth.

Tip: Wooden garden chairs are not only cleaned, but also regularly impregnated. This prevents them from greying over time. Specialist shops offer a wide variety of products for this purpose, some of which are completely natural-based. These products are very gentle on the outdoor chairs and stools. If you follow all the above tips and tricks for cleaning and care, the seats will retain their shine for longer and you will enjoy them for longer.
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