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Find the right care and cleaning products for your lounge furniture from blomus. Maintain the look and extend the life.

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Outdoor furniture accessories made by blomus

Always the right accessories for your outdoor furniture from blomus

Outdoor furniture from blomus is durable, robust and can easily withstand the odd rain shower. Nevertheless, our outdoor furniture naturally appreciates a little attention. With our outdoor furniture accessories, you can get storage covers, cleaning agents or waterproofing sprays to match your blomus furniture exactly, and with the connecting elements for our outdoor furniture from the GROW series, you can turn individual pieces of seating furniture into a comfortable lounge in no time at all. Whatever accessories you need for your outdoor furniture: You are guaranteed to find what you need at blomus!

Cleaning agent and impregnation spray

Our MEDA cleaning agent is perfectly suited to the optimal care of your STAY outdoor furniture and cushions. It effortlessly removes stains from your outdoor textiles and, thanks to the special formula, bad odours don't even have a chance to take hold in the fibres. For long-lasting protection of your outdoor furniture, we recommend using our MEDA impregnation spray after cleaning. The impregnating spray maintains the original water and dirt-repellent impregnation of the outdoor fabrics and protects the seams of cushions or furniture in particular from moisture penetration. Regular care keeps your STAY products resistant to the elements. Mould is prevented sustainably and in the long term by our MEDA care products.

Protective covers and storage covers

Even though our STAY outdoor furniture is perfectly protected against rain and moisture, we strongly recommend that you use our protective covers for longer periods of rain. Thanks to the optimised fit, the protective covers can be put over your STAY outdoor furniture very easily and quickly. The extremely light and tear-resistant protective cover encloses the outdoor furniture tightly and remains reliably in place thanks to the integrated cord and stopper. Even windy, wet and cold days are no longer a problem for your STAY outdoor furniture. The protective covers are breathable and water-repellent.

At some point, even the longest summer is unfortunately over - and the time comes when your STAY outdoor furniture has to move into its winter quarters. With our storage covers, you can offer your outdoor furniture the perfect winter protection. The storage covers have a zip so that the STAY furniture is protected all around from wind and weather. The light weight and the shape, which is individually adapted to each piece of STAY furniture, make it easy to handle. Of course, our storage covers are also breathable and water-repellent.

Furniture connectors and base plates for the GROW series

With GROW, we have created an outdoor furniture series that not only looks incredibly good, but is also extremely flexible. Every single piece of GROW furniture - from the corner seat to the classic two-seater to the comfortable chaise longue - can be combined with other products from the GROW series using our furniture connectors. With just a few simple steps, you can assemble a lounge corner tailored to your individual needs. For increased protection of the GROW outdoor furniture base, we recommend the additional use of our base plates. The floor plates are equipped with small plastic feet which, on the one hand, increase the stability of the furniture and, on the other hand, prevent contact between the subfloor and the lawn, patio tiles or screed on your balcony. This provides additional moisture protection and again significantly increases the life of your furniture.

The right cushions make your outdoor stay even more enjoyable

Among the accessories for outdoor furniture, cushions are probably the most comfortable form of all. With our cushions for the GROW and STAY outdoor furniture series, you can rely on high-quality, waterproof materials that are easy to care for and UV-resistant. A wide range of colours ensures that your new cushions match your STAY or GROW outdoor furniture exactly. Of course, you can also mix and match the available colours. This is how you stylishly upgrade your outdoor furniture - and you can always rely on the high blomus quality. You already have cushions that you would now like to use with your new outdoor furniture from blomus? Then our CASSATA collection is perfect for you, because with CASSATA you get cushion covers in our current collection colours - for a perfectly coordinated look and of course also in uncompromising premium quality.

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