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Pure relaxation with our outdoor garden furniture!

We carry many different sun loungers made of various materials. So you will always find the right items for your terrace or garden. Spending your free time simply relaxing in nature in the garden, on the balcony or even on the terrace is the best way for many people to unwind. This gives you new strength for everyday life and you can let your mind wander. For this purpose, we offer you a wide range of high-quality garden loungers made of various materials. Use them to ensure maximum relaxation!

What should you look for when buying outdoor loungers?

When buying outdoor loungers, it is important to pay attention to various points. We present the most important features that such a lounger should have.

In order to be able to relax in the garden in the best possible way, sun loungers should have robust and padded armrests. These increase the comfort of the lounger even more and make it easier to use. The armrests of your outdoor lounger make it very easy to stand up and lie down again. In addition, they prevent you from rolling off your new garden furniture during a short nap. It is very practical if the armrests of the outdoor loungers can be removed as desired.

Foldable sun loungers have a great advantage: when they are not in use, for example in winter or autumn, they can be easily folded up and stored in a dry and protected place to save space. This means you have more space on your terrace or balcony during this period and can use it for other purposes.

Especially with wooden sun loungers, you have to reckon with a relatively high weight. In order to be able to transport the piece of furniture as easily and comfortably as possible, it is advantageous if it has castors. Make sure that the castors are of high quality, so that they will serve their purpose for many years and do not have to be replaced so quickly. As a rule, the castors of garden loungers are made of hard plastic or rubber.

The material:
One of the most important points to consider when buying an outdoor lounger is the material the outdoor furniture is made of. Models made of wood bring a touch of nature to your patio or garden and are also very durable. However, you will need to maintain them regularly to keep their natural shine. Other materials used for garden loungers are plastic and metal. Which design you ultimately choose depends on your own personal wishes and ideas.
The only important thing is that you can relax perfectly on your new sun loungers in your green home.

The right care for outdoor loungers

Especially if the sun loungers are regularly used outdoors, they should be properly cared for. This will ensure that they can be used for many years and do not lose their colour. Outdoor wooden garden loungers are best checked for damage and dirt before the next garden season. Sometimes it is necessary to remove these before they can be used again. In addition, wooden garden loungers must be painted and glazed regularly to withstand all external influences, such as rain, snow, sunlight and hail.
At the same time, a so-called wood preservative is regularly applied to further increase the protection and prolong the life of the outdoor furniture pieces.
Take enough time to find your new garden furniture in our shop. We have a large number of sun loungers in our range and will be happy to advise you on the individual items. Even if you only have a very small balcony, you have the opportunity to find maximum relaxation on it. Take a look around our shop at any time and be inspired by our outdoor loungers.
We always have new and innovative sun loungers waiting for you in various colours and designs. So it's worth browsing at your leisure.

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