Outdoor tables at blomus great furniture for your garden

Balmy summer evenings in the garden, on the balcony or terrace? You can't do that without the right table. Discover stylish outdoor furniture at blomus.


Timeless outdoor tables from blomus: chic design, high-quality workmanship

Finding the perfect table for the outdoors really isn't easy. In addition to visual refinements, outdoor tables should have a few other important characteristics. These include being stable and sturdy. They should also not be too fragile. Easy cleaning would also be desirable. At blomus, we have tables in our range that combine all of these properties and also have an extremely attractive design.

Timeless and purist design

We love timelessness and like to reduce our design to the essentials. The tables that we offer for the garden and the terrace correspond exactly to these guidelines. Designed by the kaschkasch design studio, they are very simple but elegant. The slightly rounded table top is evenly round and not particularly thick. This is matched by the single, centrally placed table leg of slender, cylindrical silhouette. The foot of the table looks like a scaled-down reflection of the tabletop, so it is also round and placed centrally below it. All three components of the table are of the same colour - black, white or grey - which creates a very even impression. This table model convinces with a modern, minimalist elegance. Even if you are otherwise rather in love with romantic flourishes, you can be enthusiastic about this design. It offers room for design and creativity.
The garden tables from our range have a rather delicate overall effect and can therefore be easily arranged on the terrace, in the garden or on the balcony, either alone or in groups. They look particularly elegant in combination with the more spacious loungers from our STAY furniture collection.

High-quality workmanship

With the cut of our furniture, we want to give our customers a feeling of luxury and freedom from worries. That's why, when selecting our partners, we naturally make sure that they match our vision. The design studio kaschkasch hits our tone exactly with their straight-cut outdoor tables. The workmanship is clean and seamless. These outdoor eye-catchers reflect careful workmanship using high-quality materials.

So beautiful and yet weatherproof

What good is all the elegance if the garden table would be scarred by the weather after only a short time? Comprehensive weather resistance is essential for outdoor furniture. We attach great importance to this in the design of our outdoor furniture. Aluminium and steel tables are powder-coated and therefore far more corrosion-resistant than garden furniture made of wood or plastic. With these resistant, durable materials, we also support a sustainable lifestyle in which clear and timeless designs are an investment for eternity. The table top of the garden tables from blomus also has a weighting plate. This ensures that the outdoor tables always remain in their intended location, even in stormy weather conditions.

Easy-care furniture from blomus

Garden furniture is often exposed to wind and weather. Therefore, it often needs careful and prudent care. But unlike garden tables made of wood or plastic, the tables from blomus are designed so that you don't have to worry too much about maintenance and cleaning. The pieces of furniture can be cleaned quickly and easily with a damp cloth. Annoying varnishing and sanding work are thus a thing of the past. With its powder coating, the aluminium is also stable in the long term, does not become brittle and does not change colour. However, in order not to scratch the coating and leave any micro-damage on it where small animals or plants can settle, you should refrain from using abrasive cleaners when caring for it.

With our beautiful, sustainable garden tables, we say goodbye to wood and plastic on the patio and rejoice in clean designs that make the outdoor space around the house inviting and stylish. Enjoy the quiet and relaxing time outdoors - with the appealing and high-quality outdoor furniture from blomus.

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