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From modest, minimalist Scandinavian interiors to the bold and colourful eclecticism of the Mediterranean region, there’s a place for chenille in any contemporary décor. Although chenille was first introduced in the eighteenth century, it was really only in the 1980s that it gained widespread popularity; however, the fondness for chenille in the world of interiors has only grown in recent years. The exceptionally soft and fuzzy fabric got its name from the French word (chenille) for caterpillar as it resembles the fluffy look of the small insect. Historically, it has been used for both fashion and interiors because of its durable, slightly heavy nature, which gives it a beautiful, soft drape.

Now blomus introduces a collection of OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified cushions that make the most of chenille’s many qualities. The weave of two threads creates an elegantly discreet mélange look that is framed by black piping, and the softness of the textile is without comparison. Three sizes and four colours allow for endless combinations – and for an individualized look that adds texture, colour and personality to any room in your home.

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Pillows in three differen sizes


From the lavish palace interiors of England’s extravagant Henry VIII in the early sixteenth century to the decadent homes of the grooving urban youth of the late 1970s, velvet has been present through it all. Its history is as rich and diverse as any, and to this day the soft textile oozes luxury and abundance whether used in fashion or interiors.

Characterized by a piled surface with raised tufts of yarn, velvet is woven with short loops worked into a fixed set of warps that catch the light to create a luminous lustre, lending to the fabric’s classic shine. Its luxurious feel and exceptional softness are of course an integral part of the appeal of the new blomus velvet collection of cushions, which come in three sizes and eight colours. All pillows are made of OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified cotton and edged with black piping; with the abundance of sizes and colours available, you can make your very own distinct combination – or get creative and mix and match with blomus cushions in chenille or bouclé.


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design studio

The German design studio kaschkasch was established in 2011 by Florian Kallus (born 1983) and Sebastian Schneider (born 1985). Since then, the two designers have been a strong voice on the international design scene.

The duo works within the creative fields of art direction, furniture and lighting design, servicing a number of international brands. Kaschkasch is primarily known for simple yet refined designs, and for Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider’s continuous exploration of the interplay between functionality and beauty. The studio has received numerous awards, among them the prestigious Red Dot Award for the Ani lamp for blomus in 2019 and the German Design Award Special for the Stay outdoor range in 2021.




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More durable than mohair, yet smoother than silk and softer than any other material, cashmere is celebrated as one of the most exclusive fibres in the world. Now, blomus launches an Italian-made throw in a luxurious, scratch-free, cashmere and merino wool blend, which is available in five timeless colours – a soft beige, a gentle brown and three shades of everlasting gray.

Owing to the lightness of the material, along with its exceptional, natural insulating properties, cashmere is the obvious choice not only for stylish sweaters but also for soft and durable home accessories such as throws, which will keep you snug and warm in your chair or sofa whenever you take some time out for a moment of relaxation.





Gather a few of your favourite flowers – or simply collect a bunch of wild twigs that will add a rustic, natural feel to your interior décor. With the Ceola vase series by German Frederike Martens, the greens in your life have found a new home. The collection comprises five different shapes and sizes in either a soft white, a soft and sandy shade of khaki or a darker gray, but all with the same narrow mouth presenting the plant in a beautiful upright position while making sure the stem will not bend or break.

The rounded, organic silhouette of the vase is inspired by the traditional Japanese metal vases made by hand by local craftsmen over the centuries, and the slightly coarse ceramic surface with its subtle colour variations adds to the overall natural look as well as the unique character of every single vase.

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